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Monday, May 15, 2006

Meeting His Dad

Yep, I did get lost. Which made me end up getting to his dad's house close to 10. I parked Brandon's car at the opposite side of the street where Danny's car was, just so he wouldn't get a close look at it and realise that it was the same car that was sitting on my street a couple of days ago.

Danny was actually outside, getting a jacket from his car. I gave him a hug and he zoomed in for a light peck and quick squeeze. "You look nice," he said as he escorted me to the front door. His dad introduced himself and I did the same. He gave me a warm handshake and we went into the foyer.

There was a lady sitting in the family room watching TV and I said hi to her as well but she didn't really seem to care about talking to us. Danny's dad George had us sit in the dining room while he fixed us some tea. It was hard for me to sit and be served by George so I kept getting up to get spoons, teabags and whatever else I could. Danny sat back and relaxed, seemingly unperturbed by my nervousness. Finally the tea was served and I couldn't do anything else. So the grilling began.

George asked me if I had finished school and I told him that I had my Bachelor's and planned to go back to grad school in a few months and had already got accepted. I was really nervous and tried not to let it show. He asked about my heritage and seemed really interested when he found out that I was from Africa. He started asking me more questions about where in Ethiopia I was from and seemed really to know alot about the area. There was a lull in the conversation as I sipped some tea and had some cookies and Danny asked his dad if he was done writing with his book yet. George said that he was still working on it to which the conversation died.

Enter my inner Socialite. Whenever I'm put in social situations out of my depth, I just imagine that I'm my younger sister and morph into her. I fake the attitude and confidence until I feel it.

"So what is your book about?" I asked, determined not to let him grill me again. He told me it was on Quantum physics and it's application to everyday life and this piqued my curiosity. We got into this conversation about physics and then moved on to culture, current affairs, our lousy president and the difference in world cultures and even oil production. I was really engaging, really charming and kept the conversation going. His dad is very knowledgeable and was well versed in EVERYTHING and it was a struggle for me to keep up. But I refused to let the conversation lag and even introduced a few new points to his theories and way of thinking.

I finished eating the evening dinner that Danny had made for me (pita bread, hummus, exotic pickles and some kind of cheese from Holland). I'm not really a big hummus lover but I forced myself to eat every single thing on my plate. I knew that loving Middle Eastern food would be a bonus and actually complimented the meal when I was done and helped clean up.

Danny just sat back, not really contributing to the conversation but I could tell that he was engrossed in it. Whenever I searched for a word, he would provide a 4 syllable word to me effortlessly. I forgot my initial worry and trepidation and just engrossed myself in the discussion whole-heartedly.

Finally I broke the evening apart. "I'm going to head out so you can get your rest George," I said as I got my purse and gave him a hug. He hadn't even notice the time fly by (it was close to 1am). He escorted us to the door and then Danny told him that he wanted us to chill for a bit in the formal living room. George said good night and then headed to his study (to put down some ideas I had given him perhaps;)--I wish.

Danny made himself comfortable in the living room and had me sit right next to him. "You were great," he whispered as he kissed my forehead and held me close.

Damn skippy I was!

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