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Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Show

Turns out he didn't forget the plans that we had made for Saturday. He called me to ask me what time I was going to be in his neck of the woods for the show that we were scheduled to see. I hedged for a bit, about to launch into a fit but eventually just decided to let him go. I decided to drive down to see him anyway, even though Roxie was going to be babysitting Junior while we were out.

Bella helped me choose an outfit and did my hair into a very lovely Hollywood updo. I was really looking glam, and left the house knowing that I was going to knock everybody off their feet. For some wierd reason Danny and I arrived at the lounge at the exact same time! Actually we were both driving around downtown looking for the place and ran into each other on the street (I was right behind him!) It was actually fun getting lost together and finding our way together.

When we arrived at the spot, his friend had apparently already performed so we were stuck watching some other lame performances before I finally got bored and asked him to play billiards with me. We headed for the pool tables and I flirted, cheated and seduced my way to a tie on one game and a cheating win on the other! I have no excuse besides the fact to say that I totally suck at pool! It was fun though.

After that I convinced him to park his car at the train station and come home with me. He had had a whole cup of Long Island ice tea, plus some wine he had earlier and I wasn't convinced that he could make it home ok. It was around 1230am by now and although he balked at the idea initially he eventually agreed. He called his house and told Roxie he was spending the night with me. She threw a mini fit but he was too tipsy to care. He ended up falling asleep as I drove shortly thereafter and I cranked up my music and enjoyed driving home.

When we arrived I settled him into bed then went to get some water to drink. He woke up a bit later and nuzzled me, mumbling all the while. It was really sweet and he spooned me for the rest of the night.


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