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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Fast Quickie

After breakfast, we took the dogs for a walk. It was a lovely day to take a quick jaunt through the neighbourhood and I wanted to introduce him to some of our neighbors. The dogs are really excited to be out and they kept jostling us to walk faster. My dog leapt ahead of the other one causing me to walk briskly ahead of Danny to keep up. He sauntered behind me. "Why don't you catch up?" I asked.

"Nah, I like my view from back here,"he stated as he was looking at my derriere. Funny boy.

When we got back home, it was almost time for him to leave. He had a meeting with the Italian at 5pm and it was already 4. He checked his messages again, Shelly had called him twice and Roxie once. Even I knew that a storm was brewing. We both washed our hands and I instructed him to my room. "I have a surprise for you,"I told him as I lay down with my legs touching his chest. "What?"

"Could you just check out my lips and make sure they are okay?" He took a quick peek and smiled like a Cheshire cat. See, from the first day I met him, Danny has been cleanshaven. Everywhere. However I have never applied the razor to my pussy and wasn't going to start anytime soon. But during one of our talks, he told me that Red had a shorn pussy and you know how I love competing. Besides, I heard that sex is definitely different and was game to try it.

I told him that I had cut myself (I had) and had him kiss the booboos. This of course led to other kisses and soon I had assumed my favorite positions with passionate fervor.

He claimed me fast and furious, unyielding and yet with a gentle edge to his lovemaking. The whole thing was over in 8 minutes with my having 4 orgasms and his one.

Fast and fulfilling. The perfect recipe for a quickie.

Neither of us wanted him to leave. He promised to come by the next day (he hadn't been home in over 24hours) and told me that he would call. It didn't appease me but it had to be enough. I'm missing him already.


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