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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Five Month Anniversary

I didn't talk to Danny all day until around 4pm. He sent me a text message letting me know that he got a new phone and that he was alive a well. Around 6pm, he sent me another one telling me that he was on his way.

Getting dressed took about an hour, as I wanted to be as enchanting as possible. I flipped through my whole wardrobe and finally selected the sweater that I had worn on our first date. He picked me up and I introduced him to my cousin (who is in town for spring break).

After that we went to the restaurant where we had our first date. As if by tacit agreement, we ordered the same thing and I reached over the grabbed both his hands across the table. He smiled at me then, a whimsical smile that almost broke my heart.

"I'm sorry,"I whispered. He nodded, tightly gripping my hands for a lifeline, and then started this whole rationalizing thing. "I'm not perfect either babe, even I have done some pretty down and dirty things,"he said. I gave him a look that said, yeah right which he correctly interpreted. From our previous discussions, I knew that he had done some pretty low things too, but mine still trumped him. All his sins he had committed BEFORE we met. "I'm glad you told me. I know you didn't have to, I would have never found out if you didn't tell me, but it heartens me that you voluntarily trusted me enough to tell me,"he continued. I replied telling him that I knew that there was a 50/50 chance that I would either lose him or get us to a higher plane of trust. "I had to take the risk." I can't accept your true love and hide this from you. That is really why I had to tell you.

I assured him that for me, that's the lowest I've been and it's not something that would happen again. "This is the harshest truth that you will ever hear about me, the dirtiest. That I can promise you." He nodded in acceptance and then told me that yesterday, when he got home, he had had the most violent reaction. "I slammed my hand on the table. Hard. Is that wrong?"

"Anger is a rightful emotion,"I replied as I turned his hands over to gaze at his knuckles. Nothing was bruised or broken. As long as he wasn't mad at me, I can deal with his anger. After this, we talked about other things, our first date, what we wanted for dessert (each other) and he told me more pieces of the conversation that he had had with Roxie.

We left the restaurant and re-enacted our first kiss. I was all hot and bothered but had him stop at the gas station for condoms (I didn't have my Elexa's with me) and while he was getting them, his phone rang. Roxie had sent him a text message. "I got pulled over, my license is suspended. Help!" was all it said. I told him to call her and gracefully eavesdropped. Turns out that she didn't get arrested, the cop just gave her a fix-it ticket. His answers were clipped to her questions, but she knew that he was in Hotelville with me. The conversation took way longer than necessary, and I wanted to reach over and grab the phone for him, telling her to get the fuck off and stop ruining MY anniversary. But I contained myself. Finally, he got off the phone and by then my mood was kinda blown.

We drove to the hill overlooking Hotelville where we had first made out about 5 months ago and he actually popped my "Having Sex in a Car" cherry. It was different from our normal encounters, it built up gradually, first he was holding me, then we were kissing and then we were furtively ripping our clothes off. It was sensual, it was highly erotic, and my climax peaked his own. We lay side by side in the front seat, both half clothed and just savored the moment, our hearts beating as one.

He dropped me off about half an hour later, and I sent him back home with some delicious stew that I had made on Friday. I told him to tell his Roomie that my roomie had made it, maybe she would try it and actually like it, who knows?

And that my dears, was my first 5 month anniversary.


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