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Friday, March 03, 2006

The Quickie

When we got back from Quizno's I was very tired. I told Danny that I was going to take a nap. I knew that he had to leave soon, business never waits. I had even heard him make an appointment for 330pm and it was already 2.

I stretched out on my bed like a Persian cat and just that stretch turned him on. As he started kissing my neck he mumbled, "Why do you have to be so seductive?" I sent him a sardonic smile and ignored his ministrations. "You don't have enough time, you have to leave," I told him. I didn't want to start anything that we couldn't finish and his phone was already blowing up as we spoke. Morever, I wasn't really in the mood--I just wanted to sleep.

He pretended he didn't hear me and pressed on in his quest. I had told him over lunch about the time that Brandon made me have 7 orgasms in 3 hours and for some reason this had challenged him and he was determined to prove that he could outdo that. I have little faith in his boast--really, how can he top 7 orgasms? Even I can barely do that myself and I have a lovely Rabbit!

Bella and Selena had been rhapsodizing to me the virtues of doggy style. I'm not a big doggy style lover, I tried it once and didn't ever want to do it again. They both convinced me to give it a try again, as a more 'mature sex kitten'. They gave me tips and suggestions and it actually sounded quite nice.

"Do me from the back," I invited as I thrust my butt in the air. This must have turned him on some more and he entered me slow and sweet. It didn't hurt, but felt--different. He moved and once he did that, I liked it. I told him to go faster, harder and he complied and I even managed to orgasm that way. Thanks for the tips girls!

He walked to the bathroom, cleaned himself up and put his clothes on. "You are just leaving like that? What's up with the WhamBamThankYouMa'am Fuck?" I accused when I noticed he was putting his shoes on. "Haven't you heard of afterplay? Do I need to school you on this?"

"Look, I'm sorry, I just need to go. You know I have that appointment in a few,"he said, attempting to smooth things over with a kiss. This just infuriated me more. I stood before him, a furious amazon in all my naked glory and pointed to the door. "You know what, just fucking leave then. Get the hell out!"

He couldn't understand my sudden change in demeanour and seemed fazed by it. What's not to understand?


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