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Friday, December 15, 2006

Hard Porn

It all started with Danny's bright idea to make me sit down one evening and watch some porn videos that he had made back in his 'wild, bachelor days'. First I had objections to this of course, but on some level I was intrigued. I wanted to see if he fucked those girls as well as he fucked me.

The first video involved him sharing food with some random chick. She was really into him, had a decent bod, and did her best to give him a blowjob. Her skills weren't impressive however, and SHE was actually irritated at her puny attempts. Video after video, it became evident to me that there was something elemental that these girls were missing, something that Danny & I shared, something between SHE and HE that pushed our sex life to the next level.

I watched about 5 videos with different women, in totality taking about an hour. Danny was enjoying watching me watch them. His excitement pooled over and there was an energy that flowed through the room. I felt like a voyeur, glimpsing my man with other women, but at the same time...SHE was insulted.

Insulted that these girls had his cock and didn't even know what to do with it, didn't even know how to give him a grade A blowjob. Didn't even respect the Diamond Dick. These were the emotions flowing through me, these were the feelings that caused my pussy to clench in ire and disgust. My nipples were peaked, watching him fuck them mercilessly, and I wanted every single one of those bitches to disappear and have him fuck me in their stead.


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Basic Instinct

As soon as the reel of the last video ran it's course, Danny started kissing me. He talked to me, assuring me that I was better in bed and better looking than any of the bitches (as if I needed assurances). He kissed me slowly, melding his tongue with mine, apologizing to my body without even using a word. My breasts got loving attention, as well as the sensitive skin of my back, neck and chest. SHE stirred, unwilling to let this encounter slide just like that. Unwilling to let him off that easily without a realization of the extreme consequence of his actions.

I let HER flow through me, dictating my actions. I let HER take control fully, enjoying taking the backseat to her. With my head, SHE pushed him, further and further backwards until his knees knocked into the office chair and he sat down. "Take your clothes off," SHE ordered, watching him as he quickly shed himself of every stitch of clothing. I did the same, eager to see where this might lead.

His cock was at half mast, a marble edifice of perfection. I started kissing him all over his body, rocking my hips gently back and forth, trailing my fingers, lips and nipples all over his skin until he was moaning deeply. I looked up at him with a bemused half-lidded gaze and he jerked in response, willing me to take him deep in my mouth.

I tortured him further, heating every single inch of his exposed flesh, every little bit of him, except for the nine inches that he was dying me to touch. This fired him up more and his cock beaded a clear drop of cum that just begged my attention.

As soon as my lips touched his cock, SHE took over once again. SHE licked and sucked him slowly, taking him deep one torturous inch at a time. SHE kept kissing and sucking, making it up to his cock for all those inexperienced bitches that didn't know what to do with a grade A cock. The intensity increased exponentially with each passing moment, as my breasts swung back and forth, rubbing pert nipples against his thighs. My right hand was gripping him tightly, holding his cock right where I wanted it to be while my left was trailing up and down, grasping his ball sac softly, playing with his family jewels and moving upwards to trail on his nipples.

He arched against me, once, twice, as if unable to contain himself. SHE loved it and took him more deeply, arching my back and ferociously devouring his cock as if it was the last thing on earth. "I want to fuck you," he said harshly but SHE ignored him, not done with him yet. I looked up at him, watched the intense look of pleasure on his face and smiled at him, going down again for another deep suck.

My rhythm was flawless, one continuous motion after another, interspersed with every single thing I knew he loved, every single move I had ever seen. He couldn't even say anything, couldn't even complain or direct, just sit back and enjoy. The ferocity and savage nature of my attentions added to the passion as I licked and slathered him mercilessly. "I want to fuck you," he said again, and I still ignored him, slathering his cock with more pressure, more lips, more mouth.

"Damn," he managed to whisper as I caught him up in another tide of passion. Over and over again, I continued bringing him to the brink of orgasm, and it was only the sheer force of his will that kept him from tumbling over the chasm. I used every single weapon in my arsenal on him, determined that for all time he would remember this moment, this cock-suck, this love. As if reading my mind he started talking to me. "None...of...those...bitches...have...any...thing on you."

Damn skippy. And you better know it, SHE declared.

He asked to fuck me again but still I wasn't done, craving his cock more in my mouth than I craved him in my pussy. Even SHE knew why, and SHE was demanding that he submit totally. Anything less would be unacceptable.

He grabbed my ass, squeezing tightly, caught up in the moment just like I was. I kept devouring his cock, over and over again, long, slow licks designed to inflame, follow by shallow ones designed to titillate. His cum grew in my mouth and I kept swallowing, slurping his juices up greedily. This was my moment, this was my moment to shine.

Every single cell in my body called to every single cell in his, and with a rapid jerk away from me, he answered that call, carrying me effortlessly up and slipping his turgid cock into my soaking wet pussy. His arms held me and I bucked slowly against him, reveling in this new position, knowing that I was driving him as crazy as he had been driving me. My first orgasm hit me then, and I ran with it, as he plunged into me over and over again until I was the one crying out.

There was a feral edge to our lovemaking, an animalistic edge that had been brought out. He laid me against the chaise and started pounding me furiously, driving inside my pussy with such force and desire that SHE could do nothing more than demand. "More," I urged, feeling her walls tighten around him. He filled me completely, covering my body with his entirely and turning my passion into orgasms, one right after another.

I screamed and arched against him, and he caught it with a kiss, forcing my silence as he drove into me again and again. My legs were high up, allowing him more depth and he took this mercilessly, shoving his cock deep in me, into the very places and recesses that had craved for his touch.

After my sixth orgasm, he quickened his pace, driving into me fully, one long stroke at a time. Until nothing mattered beside this moment here with my love. Until SHE complied and gave him full submission. Until he poured his seed deep within me, causing my womb to clench and tighten, filling me with his juices and with his love.

That was basic. That was instinct. That was basic instinct.


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