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Sunday, January 08, 2006

First Time having Sex with Daniel

Danny and I are connected in so many ways. We talk frequently, about everything and anything. He is very intuitive and can sense my moods. I help him achieve balance when he is awry, and he does the same for me. We are so in sync in many ways, and I'm sure that I must have known him in another life time.

Our relationship isn't just all roses, there have been some thorns. But we are still hanging in there. Still dealing with everything.

He picked me up today right on time. We drove around for a bit, trying to decide where to go eat. Finally we just ended up going to Applebees. It was ok. I'm not really an Applebee's person but the food was pretty decent. We stopped at the store and picked up some supplies, whipped cream, tabasco sauce, cheesecake and apple pie. (Guess who did the selection?)

The tabasco sauce was Danny's idea. We both have a thing for spicy foods so he probably thought it would be a good thing. I'm skeptical but willing to try.

We finally made it to the hotel room. This is Hotelville, there is a hotel around every single corner. Finding it was no hassle. We got to the room and it was super cold. Danny turned up the heat, and I unpacked my bags. I had brought candles, music, sexy lingerie, the whole shebang. And even brought the Sex Box.

As soon as I finished setting everything up and putting stuff where I wanted, Danny was on the bed, just looking up at me.

"You are so beautiful," he said. I blushed furiously, and instantly became shy. He just sat there, non threatening, totally admiring.

I approached him and did a little strip tease. Then a lap dance. Then I took his clothes off. I knew that as long as I was in control, I could do anything. After all I am the Magician.

I kissed him everywhere I wanted, watching the muted light dance across his golden skin. He let me touch him, and play with him and just watched me with his heavily lidded gaze. Then, with a smile, he flipped me over, and suddenly he became the aggressor.

With my past experience, I thought that I would have a panic attack or something, but to my surprise I was ok. Everything was fine. It was Danny. He kissed me everywhere, my neck, my throat, my breasts, legs, pussy, everywhere. He langorously kissed me as if he had all the time in the world.

He put on the condom then, and I was glad I didn't have to remind him. I thought that I would need some lubrication, but he seemed pretty confident that I didn't. I was stunned. I didn't even know that I could get that soaking wet.

The instant he entered me, I felt whole. My walls were very tight, and I could sense that he liked it. He looked into my eyes, not saying a word, just kept that sexy smile of his. He allowed my body to adjust to his for a few moments. Then he started to move.

I thought I died and went to heaven. We were so synchronious it was ridiculous. The rhythm was perfect, he wasn't too fast or too slow, and his cock filled me but didn't feel like it was smashing my uterus. It was absolutely divine. We came moments apart, me first and then he right after me.

I thought that I've had quite a number of decent shags. But I really have never been royally fucked until Daniel.

We were at the hotel for about 6 hours, and didn't fall asleep even once. After the first round, we went to the shower and he made love to me there. I had never done it in the shower before and was surprised that he was even hard again. The water sluiced over both our bodies, and we were slippery and wet, yet both in the moment.

Tears pricked my eyes and I was glad that there was water everywhere. This was everything that I thought it should me. Daniel was so gentle, and yet so passionate, his every intent and whim focused on me. It humbled me.

Later we went back into the room and he dried me off, then spread cheesecake all over me. He ate my out slowly, as well as the cheesecake. Having him between my legs was so erotic. I could play with his curls and wrap my fingers through them, and he just lay there and licked my pussy clean. Danny had eaten me out several times before but this time was really different. Before I knew it, I came again, and he still didn't stop.

I never thought it was possible to have an orgasm while having one but that was exactly what happened. I came one right after the other, squirting cum all over the place. After the second one, he lay back, very pleased with himself. He held me in his arms and we laid back together and just talked.

There were alot of things that Danny had told me, about himself, his personal battles, where he was coming from. He told me about his past relationships, about the thoughts in his head when he dated some chick on welfare with 3 kids already, who gave him a son and how much he loves his son. The baby mama has custody, and Daniel sees his son every other weekend. I told him about some of my past. I told him about the issues I was having with money, and why. I told him about my health issues and being assaulted and molested when I was younger. He was very understanding and not judgemental in any way. He gets me. For some reason, he totally gets me. Even when I flip out for no reason.


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