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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Last Night

Was beautiful. I finally had him where I wanted him, right in my bed. He sleeps like I do, on his side and had his arms wrapped around me all night long. I didn't even need the space heater...I was toasty warm.

**************XXXXXXX NFSW**********XXXXXXXXX*****NSFWXXXX

His warm breath tickled the nape of my neck and I wriggled my bottom against his center just because I could! It was utterly decadent, very cozy and just what the doctor ordered. He fell asleep before me but even then I couldn't resist teasing and prodding him. I ended up just giving him a Badspice special and I rode him relentlessly to the point of 8 orgasms (his/my personal best). After that I finished him off and kept sucking even after he had cum just because I could. As all our encounters, it was different, very different from the norm. It was tumultous, provocative, fiery and passionate. Just what the doctor ordered.

This morning he woke me up to tender ministrations of his own. He was relentless, pressing me, licking me and just savoring me all over and over again until I almost cried in sweet release. After that, he jumped into the shower and headed off to work at 6am while I curled up in a ball reliving the night.

I want to spend every single night with him.


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