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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sunday Evening

It's hard to even recollect what happened on Sunday because as wonderful as it was, it pales in comparison to last night. Anyway, let me try.

Danny came over that evening actually early. We ended up on the couch, me on his lap, his arm cradling my shoulders. I was so warm, so comfortable and felt so loved right then and there. We talked for a good hour, and then I showed him what I'd been working on all day. I had souped up his Myspace page, the one for his Music just to further market his talent and music. I had shown it to him last night, and today he called me to get the link.

He showed the page to his mom and dad. They were very very very impressed by it, and his brother in law (who's helping him develop his website) was actually amazed by the page even though I have no significant computer programming history. He ended up taking alot of the bio from my page and putting it on Danny's website. Plus I had written a long email about the improvements that could be made on Danny's website before the page gets launched.

Danny had eaten at his mom's house so I heated up dinner for myself, some excellent Ethiopian cuisine that I had made that weekend. He was really digging it and tried a few bites. I think he really likes my cooking--he's still raving about the lentil stew I made for him last week.

After dinner we ended up in my room at my insistance. I was seized by this uncontrollable urge to draw on him. I dug out some erasable markers and went to work creating my masterpiece. I drew a bunch of hearts, a cartoon of us kissing and then close to his cock I wrote in big, bold letters with a skull and crossbones, "THIS BELONGS TO BADSPICE. ANY TRESSPASSERS WILL BE KILLED." Later we fooled around some more and took some pix of my artwork....and other stuff.

He gave me a preview of what our evening (Monday) of Wild, Loud Sex was going to be like. I must have had 6 orgasms and had to literally beg him to stop because I felt really selfish being the only one to climax.

"You have to understand something baby," he explained later, "You aren't the only one climaxing. I get mini-orgasms just watching and enjoying you cum." Ok, I won't complain anymore!

So that was Sunday night. I fell asleep in his arms and he left shortly thereafter, I remember him kissing my forehead, brushing my hair off my face and telling me that he loved me as he left. In Italian. Te'amo.

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