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Monday, May 01, 2006

Life is a Stage

Today I hurried back from my workout at the gym to get ready for my lunch date with Danny. I was going to drive down to his job and have lunch with him out there. I took my time getting ready, picked a skirt that divinely swished around my knees and skimmed my butt. I went all out, primping and putting on makeup & jewelry, glad that it was warm today and that I would look divine.

Driving down to see him was no hassle and I arrived at his job just as he was getting out on his lunch break. We drove to Quizno's (my choice) with our favorite jam 'U Know What' by Jay-Z blasting from my Cd player. He looked utterly divine and I couldn't help but tell him so. He told me that he was working on only a few hours of sleep and was really tired but I couldn't help staring at how bouncy his curls looked in the sunlight.

We ordered, got our meals and talked about a little of everything. He didn't want to go back to work, but he knows the mantra, "Money over pleasure." I dropped him off and while in the car we concocted this little drama just to play a joke on his coworkers.

He works at a Music Store that sells all kinds of instruments and he works in the keyboard department. He's actually the #1 salesman at his job, he can talk anybody into anything. About 10 minutes after he went back to work, I spiffed up a bit more and headed into his job.

I said hello to the receptionist chick (a friend of his) and headed for the pianos. When I got to his department, it was chock full of men! They were all over the place, literally falling over themselves as they played on different keyboards in a loud cacophony that was liable to give someone a headache. There was not another female in sight.

"Excuse me, can I ask you a question?" I asked him in my most flirtatious, I'm-so-helpless-can you-help-me voice. He came over and we started this light flirtation, as he acted like he didn't know me and I acted like I was a brazen, sexy chick who was really attracted to him. I told him that I was buying a keyboard for my brother, and had him walk me through their extensive collection. We went from keyboard to keyboard with him telling me about the dynamics of each keyboard and me listening in rapt amazement. All the guys at his job just kept turning to stare at me. Even the customers were staring.

We enacted this flirtatious charade to a T, he even put my request in the system to get more information. I gave him a fake name and then (very assertively,) asked for his phone number. "No, I don't need the number to the Music Store. I need your personal number," I told him with a flirty smile.

He gave me his card and then I thanked him for the pleasant transaction. "I'm sure your brother will love the keyboard," he said as I walked out.

I headed out of the store, passed by the receptionist and doorman again. They were both outside taking a smoke break and Danny came outside like 30 seconds later. "I forgot to ask what kind of case you wanted with your keyboard. A hard case or a soft case?"

Which do you think I picked? "I like a hard case please. I like things hard,"I told him to the hearing of his coworkers. They were looking at us with rapt interest. "Well, it will be here for pickup in 3 days,"he told me. Then I told him that if I gave him my number would he call me? He said he would and so I handed him my business card and gave him a kiss on the lips.

*****END SCENE*****

Yep, it's official, we both loved to be watched. I strutted away from him and headed to my car to give him a call about 2 minutes later. He told me how his coworkers all were giving him props for working his skills on that cute babe. Damn skippy.

It was very, very fun. I might have to go back just to re-enact another scene. I should be an actress!

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