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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Another Ace

I really did sleep so well last night. I love the way he lets me lay my head on his arm and wraps the other one around me so tight. If I move in my sleep, he still doesn't let go, he just readjusts as if he can't let me go. Mmmm. I've never slept with someone that could hold me all through the night, and I must tell you, it's absolutely divine.

Towards early dawn he woke up and started playing with me, making me wet involuntarily. He started kissing me first, gentle persuasive kisses designed especially to make me melt. He kissed my neck, my earlobes and that dip in my throat. Then he continued his gentle exploration, kissing every bit of exposed flesh and making each area of skin feel special. When he finally reached my vaginal walls, I was already close to coming. A few minutes more and I was there, surrendering to his gentle touch.

He continued after I had come, licking me over and over again until I couldn't help but release again orgasm on top of orgasm.After this I returned the favor, doing the same to him, but pausing right before he came to thrust him in me. Then I rode him, hard and fierce, fighting fulfilling my own pleasure but ending up giving in anyway. He bucked beneath me, driving the pace harder, faster and I cried out in pleasure. He flipped me over and entered me doggy style--both of our favorite positions. I hit my fifth major orgasm here and begged him to cease.

I couldn't take anymore but he continued, unrelenting. Harder, faster, deeper causing me to be caught in that fine line between pleasure and pain. After it I was raw and sore and yet I still smiled. He claimed me, leaving his mark all over me, branding me all over in case I was ever in doubt.You are mine. Were the unspoken words that echoed through the empty house. Mine. Mine, all mine. My heart answered back in the same note as I dug my nails into his back and let out my release. He stopped moving to pace himself and I bucked against him refusing to let him stop. I squeezed my Kegels and the insiduous motion was just what was needed to put him over the edge. He came in one fell swoop. "You got me," he chuckled in my hair as he lay beside me. Yep, I got you. And I'm not letting you go.

He had started making sweet, sensual love to me. He ended royally fucking me. We collapsed on top of each other in a mass of tangled sweaty limbs, lopsided on the bed and both let out a sigh of relief. "You are such a beast!" I managed to exclaim. "You bring out the beast in me," he replied with a smile.


Anyway I have to go get ready, my baby's coming over tonight.

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