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Monday, May 15, 2006

Guest Room Sex

Danny has had really bad allergies for the last 2 weeks ever since spring pollen hit bigtime. His dad had given him so 'non-drowsy' medication which ended up making him really sleepy. I suggested him to at least take a nap until the meds wore off before he started driving home and he agreed. He went to the study to tell his dad that we were going to be in one of the guest rooms upstairs.

When we got to the room, it seemed like all his previous drowsiness had disappeared. I highly suspect he was faking it to get me to go upstairs with him. He was all amorous, kissing me, touching me and holding me close. I kept resisting him and tried to talk, balking at the idea of having sex with him IN HIS DAD'S HOUSE! The boy has no shame I tell you. "Please, my dad is probably even a bigger freak than I am. Where do you think I learned all the Kama Sutra positions from? He had a poster in our house that I've been studying before I even hit puberty," he told me. Wow. That flummoxed me but I still wasn't ready to get jiggy with him in his dad's house.

So I brought up the topic that was sure to get him fired up. Brandon. I wasn't sure he was over everything and I was right. He talked more about it, wanting to know my reasoning for wanting to go visit him again. I tried to explain, gave him 4 really solid reasons why I felt I should be able to visit Brandon when he was sick but he dismissed all of them. "I don't think I could give you any reason that you would accept," I said.

He agreed. Then he accused me of being self-centered, vain, selfish and always wanting attention. "In some ways, you went to see him because you needed the attention that this would bring. There is a thrill in it for you," he stated. I denied it but he broke it down so logically that I started to think that maybe he had a handle on it. "Sounds like you are talking from experience," I said. He gave me one of his cocky grins. Yep, I hit the nail on the head. He's as attention whoring and vain as I am and that's the only way he could get where I was coming from.

I was sitting on his torso and stretched like a feline cat. The motion drew his attention to my boobs and somehow we both forgot what we were talking about. I shucked my dress to the floor and then started kissing and licking him all over. He couldn't help but moan as I went down on him and did what I do best. He was hard and getting harder and I know that he was dying to get into me but I wasn't ready yet. I licked, sucked and teased him with my lips and tongue to my hearts content.

Finally he couldn't take it anymore and actually lifted me off him. In a fluid motion we had reversed positions and he was on top of me, returning the favor. Within moments I was slick with wet heat and he entered me in a strong thrust that had me moaning for more. He teased me at first, going really, really slow until I felt that I was drawn on a tightly coiled string. I almost screamed as I begged him to go faster but he wouldn't relent until I peaked---at that slow pace! Then he started thrusting faster, seized by the same waves of passion that engulfed me. He lifted my thigh and increased the angle of penetration, making me erupt again as pleasure ripped through my body like molten lava.

It's amazing how in sync we are. He knows my body like noone ever before, sometimes even better than myself and I do the same with him. And yet these thoughts were far from my mind as I claimed the vixen's seat and started to ride him. He watched my breasts bobbing up and down on my chest through passion filled eyes and he grabbed my ass and brought me down further. It was hard for me to keep riding him especially when I was about to orgasm again but he wouldn't let me stop as he bucked beneath me and urged me to go faster and faster.

After my...was that my fourth? orgasm he turned me again and I assumed the position that drives him totally wild. He entered me from behind and the only sounds you could hear was sounds of our passion. He finally came, erupting all over my backside in hot spurts that shook him. Mmmmm.

After a few moments of floating back to earth, I dragged him to the bathroom and we took a shower together, massaging and soaping each other up in a langourous afterglow. We didn't say much but we both were emotionally spent.

I got dressed quickly and he watched me putting my dress and heels on without saying a word. I could tell that he was really getting sleepy and so I urged him to spend the night at his dad's house and he agreed. He escorted me downstairs and we stopped by George's study to once again say goodnight. Luckily when I popped my head through George wasn't facing the doorway because I'm sure his shrewd eyes would notice my lack of makeup and Danny's disheveled hair.

Danny gave me another kiss at the doorway and I got in Brandon's car and drove an hour home. I fell into bed with a smile on my face---it was a lovely evening all things considered.


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