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Friday, May 19, 2006

Rapporte Sensuale

Around 8am the next morning Danny awakened me with this urge to totally have me. It was right then and there, he could barely wait for me to brush my teeth! As soon as I came back to the room he was all over me, kissing me, touching me, sending little shivers of pleasure through my body. He couldn't wait to enter me, even though I protested and told him Aunt Flo' was in town.

I deterred him for a few minutes as I went down on him and gave lots of loving attention to his beautiful cock, pausing only to look at him and make sure he was enjoying it. He was...but he wanted more. He promised me that he would be 'gentle'...and then entered me, slowly at first. I thought it would be painful but it was pleasantly nice.

He lay in me for a few moments, still as a statue while he kissed me and gave me time to adjust to the girth. I loved the attention. He started moving then, nice and slow, gradually building in momentum until I felt like I was being stretched on a wire. I wanted more.

He raised my legs and put my heels over his shoulders. This new motion immediately sent shock waves through my body. He was somehow deeper and I felt fully contracted. Once he started to move, it was totally over, I was lost to the torrent of passion that overtook me. I had 2 orgasms in this position, and apparently this was when I scratched him---deeply!

After that he flipped me again doing a side flip that had me wondering how in the world he could contort so adroitly. I hesitated on the brink of another orgasm and then with a gentle massage of my clit he sent me over the edge. "I can't take anymore," I was able to gasp but he sent me a cocky grin that told me he wasn't done with me yet.

Without pause he positioned me again and he was laying flat whilst I was on top of him. I started to move, clenching my Kegels as I did so. I realised quite quickly that this new position was one that was made to drive a woman insane and I came over him, sending gushes of fluid all around his shaft. My thighs were trembling and I wanted to stop, but not before I showed him that I had some skills as well.

I turned over doing the reverse cowgirl thing and rode him nice and easy at first, my butt coming down hard on him. I raised myself up on my palms & heels and rode him some more, faster this time, unrelenting to his moans. I know that the visual of my booty was driving him to newer heights and I kept doing my thing, taking my time. I would go really fast for a few strokes and then just as he was about to cum, I would slow down, drawing his orgasm out slowly, fanning the fires and building the bonfire gradually.

He was growing impatient I could tell but I didn't change the pace. When he came, he wasn't even expecting it, and his gripped my hips and had me ride him harder, faster to which I complied.

Finally I collapsed on top of him, spent, replete, content. Mmmmm.

"Ti amo con tutto il cuore," he whispered.

So do I. So do I.


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