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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Lavender Blues

Danny came over again last night. He had had an awful day on so many levels. I can't even begin to tell you how bad it was. But pretty much he was exhausted, fighting a cold, dealing with allergies and lost all the files on his computer so that puts him in a quandary with all his clients. He has alot of catching up to do.

But he came to see me anyway.

I offered him something to eat and then took him to my room. He looked like he was dead on his feet. I lit some candles, put Brian McKnight on my CD player and then took his shoes and socks off. I started to give him a foot massage, just rubbing some warm lavender lotion on it and giving him a proper massage. He stared at me through these half lidded eyes as I pampered him. "You are so beautiful right now," he said to me. I smiled, blushing with the compliment. My hair was in a ponytail and I was in sweats and yet he thought I was beautiful.

He complimented me on my magical hands, asking me if I went to school to learn massage or if it was an art. "It's hard to transcend knowledge into an art but you do it so effortlessly," he continued softly.

I didn't say anything, just let the ambiance and soulful serenade of McKnight's Let Me Love You wash all over us. I kept massaging his feet and ankles, then moved up to his legs. He was exhausted, finding it hard just to keep his eyes open. Finally I moved upwards and gave him a soft kiss.

"Go to sleep honey. Sleep well. And when you wake up, find me, wherever I am, whatever I'm doing and then you make love to me, okay?" He nodded and was asleep in five seconds flat.

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