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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Slow Burn

He arrived right on time and I walked to the front door to open it. My family was still engrossed in the movie and I just stood in the doorway and watched him. He was straight from work and was wearing his Versace suit and looking like a GQ man. Lord he is so damn hottttt!! Just looking at him sent flames of heat arcing through my core. I didn't touch him, knowing that if I did I would be liable to rip his clothes of then and there----yeah, in front of my family no less!

He came in and got introduced. He was really afflable and cordial to everyone, a charming debonair extrovert. He worked the room easily and then we headed to the kitchen while I fixed him a plate of pizza. I wrapped him in the tight hug, smelling his wonderful cologne and running my hands through his curls. I could feel the hardness of his arousal against my belly and I smiled. He was totally feeling me as well.

It was a good thing the lights were off (for the movie). We made our way to the living room and he got invited to watch the movie. So he sat in the chair, and I sat on the floor right beside him and we started watching the movie while he ate his dinner. He was done with the pizza in a few minutes and then his hands started wreaking havoc on me. All he did was place his right hand on my shoulder and I felt the slow burn. He started tracing his fingers across my collarbone and I knew that my breath was getting choppy. His other hand was entwined with mine on his lap and I started a little exploration of my own. Within seconds we were both overheated---just from a single touch.

We ended up fanning the fires on and off the rest of the evening while the movie played. I even moved my fingers up to his thigh and teased him unmercifully there. To which he leaned down and whispered something delightfully naughty in my ear. The warm breath sent shivers through me and I tell you, I honestly almost came.

Finally the movie was over. He had to place his jacket over his lap to hide the effects that I had had on him. I gave him a wicked grin as I headed to the kitchen with the used plates. He started talking to my aunt and uncle for a bit and then I walked past them and decided to get my room ready. I came back and blatantly said, "Come with me. I have something to show you that just came today. I think you will like it," I invited. My aunt and uncle tactfully bid us goodnight and then I dragged him to my room.

Shameless? Me?? What???

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