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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Nooner

After we had eaten our sandwiches, I swished some SoBe in my mouth considering the best way to break him out for a nookie. Should I wait till we got in the car? Should I have him park in a remote location and just have my way with him? Nah. Doing it in the car was old. I wanted something fresh. Something adventurous.

A patron leaving the washroom gave me an idea that I instantly seized on. Why not in the bathrooms? "Hey baby, can you do me a favor?" I said, giving him a look that was intended to garner attention. On his acquiescence I told him to count to 20 and meet me in the Men's Bathroom. "What?" his look told me that he didn't believe me. I repeated the instructions as I grabbed my purse and headed to the men's bathroom.

Quickly assessing the domain, I put my stuff on the shelf space and waited for him to come in. He turned the handle slowly and I dragged him in, locking the door behind me. I put some tissues on the floor, hiked up my dress and got down on my knees.

He gazed at me through sensually lidded eyes, unbelieving of this moment. It was hard for me to grasp as well, but I wanted his cock in my mouth right then and there and couldn't wait another second. With feverish fingers I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants, taking them all the way down to his knees.

Without any delay, I grabbed his already hard cock, caressed it for a few minutes, putting my face in his boxers and just inhaling the scent. Ummm, smells like my baby, just the way I like him. I pushed his cock through the hole in his boxers, gazing at it's beautiful form and licking the drop that was already forming at the tip.

I took it all in my mouth in one fell swoop, wasting no time with pleasantaries. He moaned then, unable to catch the sound. I murmured for him to be quiet and continued with my pleasure. I say my pleasure because it was probably more pleasurable for me than it was for him. I laved and licked, sucked and sucked, taking my time and yet knowing that in a few moments we could be discovered.

The thrill of danger fueled our passion and I continued intently, daring him not to cum for me. He grabbed the top of my dress then, messing with the laces as he tried to fondle my breasts. With one hand I swept the laces off, pushed my bra down and my boobs feel into his eager hands. He played with my nipples and I continued sucking, not letting my passion take hold. This was his moment and I wanted him to enjoy it.

At that thought I hiked my dress up higher, exposing my curvaceous bottom, with my red thong panties tantalizing his view further. I could see his obsidian eyes taking it all in, looking at my mouth on his cock, my pose, my butt arced in the air, my hard nipples standing at attention. I licked his balls, my eager mouth paying attention to every single inch of his member. I went back to his cock, taking him as far as I could go, slowly, tortuously and he loved every minute of it. He let himself go then, and I felt him jerk as he held his cock in his hand and tried to take it away from my face.

But I wouldn't be deterred. I kept sucking him, uncaring where the drops landed, just wanting to pleasure this man that I have come to adore. With a pent up moan that he couldn't expel he bent down and murmured my name, over and over again in a harsh voice.

"Are you ok?" he asked me when he was coming back from the seventh heaven of delight. I nodded that I was and he wet a napkin, wiping me face, my neck, my dress, and everywhere that his delight had been spilled. I accepted it all and finally got off my knees, straightening my dress as I did so.

"I can't believe you just did that," he told me as he gave me a luscious kiss. We washed up and straightened our clothes the best we could and then with another cocky smile I told him to meet me outside in 30 seconds. While I was in the bathroom I had taken my panties off and I put them in his pocket. "A souvenir of the first time we did it in public," I whispered.

He met me outside with a wicked smile. We walked to the car hand in hand and I smiled to myself like a cat that just swallowed the cream. Just reliving the moment made me feel like the queen of the universe. He kissed me again, slow, deep and passionate, as he raked his hands all over my body, uncaring of who was around. "I love you. I love you," he told me as he clasped me to him really tight. And I love you.

He could barely speak as he drove me to the metro station to drop me off. "I'm still having flashbacks," he told me. I let him savor the moment as I trailed my fingers through his hair. "You've officially claimed your crown. I don't think you can ever be beat. You are definitely the kinkiest and freakiest girl I have ever been with. What I thought was dynamite sex is really nothing compared to you. Thank you," he told me.

He's so expressive and has such a way with words. Well thanks for my crown honey. I'll be sure to keep it sizzling like this until the fat lady sings.

It's like I can't help myself. I'm addicted to him. Once I get around him, I want to touch him, kiss him, tease him, have him inside me. And he feels the same way. It's really idyllic to be with a man who's passion is the same as mine. It's like we fuel each other constantly, consistently. I'm never afraid to do whatever I want with him, and he can push the envelope just as much as I can. We both on the same level. It's heady and erotic. I love it.


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