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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Pick Me Up....

I realized that I wouldn't see Danny for a few days. My pheromones were raging, missing him something fierce. He told me that he couldn't come by tonight because he didn't get off work until 1030pm that night and we both didn't want a repeat of what happened on Tuesday morning. I don't think he would have been able to keep his job if he was super late several days in a row.

Bella and I went to the gym and I told her that I would probably go see him for his lunch break. She encouraged the idea and that was all I needed. As soon as I got back from the gym, I took a shower, sprayed his favorite perfume, wore his favorite dress and gathered my stuff to go see him. I was planning to take public transportation (which would have taken me 2 hours) but my roomie decided to give me a ride ---very lovely of her.

We got there in record time. On days that he closes the office, he's usually there until 1030 so he takes the last lunch at 5. It was just past 3 which meant that I had a long wait ahead of me, however I didn't care.

He wasn't expecting to see me at all. As I walked into his job, the look he gave me said it all, total surprise. "Wow, fancy seeing you here," I said as I flirted with him over the countertop. I snagged his car keys and told him I would be waiting for him when he took his lunch. "Dont worry, take your time. I brought something to keep me company," I told him as I sashayed out.

I ended up chilling at a bookstore right by his office reading my book while I was waiting. He sent me a text message at 5, and then there I was, ready, willing and able to dazzle him. I let him take the steering wheel but couldn't resist kissing him. It was a kiss of passion, of smouldering fires, one that signaled great things to come. "Don't come to my job and give me kisses like that honey....I have to go back to work in an hour!" he groused. I couldn't help but give him an impish smile.

We flirted as we drove to Quizno's, deliberating using words to bait each other. Not knowing how far I was going to take this little flirtation gave him some pause.

He didn't know I was going to take it very, very far.

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