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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Round 3 anyone?

You would think after that I would go right to sleep like a baby. But for some reason I couldn't sleep. Danny headed off to dream land and I lay beside him, lost in my own thoughts. I finally got caught in that sticky place between sleep and awakefulness. All was quiet for about 30 minutes and then he started mumbling. With one hand he gripped me closer and with the other he grabbed his cock. Just a few really fast strokes. Then he stopped.

So I continued the action. I figured he must be having really passionate dreams (Better Be About Me!!) for him to grab his cock. So I started giving him a handjob. He was still sleeping, I could hear his quiet snores and yet he grew hard and turgid beneath my fingers. Interesting. I swooped down and gave him another blowjob, softer this time, not wanting to wake him, or hurt him if he was sore. I was so engrossed in it that I didn't even realise he woke up until he gave a groan and gripped my head.


This spurred me on. He didn't orgasm again (I would have been scared if he did!) but he did enjoy the motions while he lasted. Finally I headed back to sleep, my earlier excitement replaced my langour. He cuddled me some more, cradling me and spooning me as he kissed the nape of my neck.

He's amazing. He touches me the way I've always dreamt of being touch, even if it's just a light kiss here and there. Mmmmm.


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