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Saturday, May 27, 2006


Somehow Danny managed to talk his dad into giving him the money that he was going to use to fly him and Junior out to Oregon in order to assist with his finances. My guy can talk anybody into anything! He called me during work, telling me that he wasn't going to go to Oregon but would spend the weekend in town with Junior instead.

Either way this would really not make a big difference to me because I wouldn't be seeing him until Sunday or Monday night. However, I know how having more money would alleviate alot of his issues. He has a meeting set with the investors on Tuesday to go over the business plan. I hope everything goes through as planned.

I didn't hear from him this morning and really didn't plan to. I was at ends during the day, trying to find stuff to do and yet having alot of unfinished projects that I didn't even want to get to. My phone was ringing off the hook with all my friends and I barely even noticed that I hadn't heard from him all morning.

He called me around 2pm, telling me that he was on the way to record a hook (chorus) for some guy in a city not far from me. Junior was in the back of the car. He was really in good spirits, well rested and energized. He told me that he had skimmed over the business plan and he's really appreciative of all the work that I put into it. He had it with him and he was planning to read it during his downtime at the recording studio.

At 530 he rang me again, asking me to direct him to the nearest highway. I mentioned to him that he was really close to me and he should just come over. He hesitated for just a moment, but this was enough for me to withdraw the invitation. I remembered instantly the promise I had made to myself after the last incident, promising that I wouldn't force myself on him/Junior if he didn't create the opportunity.

"Don't rescind it," he said realising my intent. "We are on our way, I just took the exit towards the highway to your house. I don't want to say no to you, you know that. It's just that I promised Roxie that I would be home by 7 pm, so it has to be a really quick visit," he intoned.

I was giddy with excitement. "Why do you have to be home by seven? The clubs don't start hopping till after 10," I mused. He told me that Roxie's mom's dog of 12 years had died and Roxie wanted to go visit her mom. I honestly wanted to scream at him but I realised instantly that I was getting my way so it really didn't matter.

I headed to the room to change, I wanted to wear something memorable for the moment I was going to meet his son.

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