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Friday, May 26, 2006

The Perfect Woman

I didn't see Danny until later on in the week. I had finally finished the business plan and if I must toot my own horn, it's pretty damn good! I called him to come get it on Thursday and he told me that he would swing by after work.

By the time he got to my house it was already 11 pm. I showed him the plan and printed out a copy. Then he told me that his parents wanted to fly him to Oregon to spend the weekend with them, their other grandkids and Junior. I know that he needed a break from the rigors of the last few weeks and I was all for it. I even helped him search for a goodly priced ticket and everything.

On the Roxie tip---no news at all. Looks like she's going underground to come back out with guns blazing. I can't wait!

After a while I could see that Danny was really tired so I took him to my room. I helped him take his clothes off then I gave him a back massage and foot massage and told him that he could fall asleep. Somehow we ended up talking instead (guess the massage got him Up!) and the conversation turned to his last relationship with Red. I was asking him questions that would get him to tell me the stuff that I found when I snooped through his mail, so that in the future if I ever slipped up on something I could always say he told me. Seriously---I really have a criminal mind. It's a good thing I use my powers for good most of the time;)

Danny told me in detail his relationship with Red which only made me really, really horny. Not because of what he was talking about but just looking at his lips talk about sex turned me on big time. I had him keep talking and then I went down to talk to his cock. It was a bit chafed (just as sore as I was from our rigorous activity the day before) so I took him into my mouth and sucked very softly and tenderly. Considering all the lovemaking we've been doing lately, you would think he would be used to my lips on him by now! However this wasn't the case as he got totally distracted from the story he was talking and started moaning and urging me to go faster and take him deeper. Of course I obliged and within minutes I had the very fruitful yield of my efforts.

He was caught in the lull of his orgasm and yet I was still up and excitable. So I had him talk to me---poor guy! However he did humor me and we ended up talking more about our relationship. For some reason he started asking me how much sexual activities I've engaged in before him. I told him that I hadn't had this much sex ever! Instead of him to be pleased by that he pressed me and wanted to know specifics. "Who else did you give Bjs to? Have you ever done it raw with anyone else? Who else went down on you?" To which all the answers where....Brandon. I could see that this peeved him but I was being truthful and didn't feel like I had to hide it. Especially considering the fact that I've known of every single one of his past liaisons in intimate detail.

He got this look on his face and I asked him what it was about. He didn't want to tell me but I wasn't letting it go. "I just never thought that the woman he would end up with would have had so much past history," he said. Oh wait, you the guy who's slept with dozens of women are tripping because I've had sex with 6 times less guys than you have? I immediately took offense and stated this. "You wanted a virgin?" I asked to which he replied that he wouldn't have minded if I was more chaste. "In this day and age honey, it doesn't get any chaster than this!" I replied emphatically. He immediately changed the topic telling me that he loves me and accepts me the way I am.

"Yeah you better get rid of your image of the perfect woman. You have me on this pedestal, this persona of what you think that I should embody because you think the woman who you end up with is going to shit roses. Well I'm not her and I'm not molding myself to be her. I'm Me and you either accept me and love me the way I am or leave me," I told him in a huff. He reiterated that he does accept me and love me just as I am. "I don't want to change you, you are everything I want and a whole lot more," he said. Then he enumerated all the reasons I embody his dream girl and told me that I was foolish if I thought he was going to ever let me go.

Now that tune is more like it:)

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