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Friday, June 16, 2006

Coitus Interruptus

Danny came over last night. He didn't get out of the jam session until after 1 am. I actually thought he wasn't coming any longer, had showered, put my Pjs on and was wrapping my hair when the phone rang.

He arrived about 30 minutes later. He was exhausted. I fixed him a dinner plate and then headed to the room. We were supposed to 'talk' but both of us were just so tired that we ended up falling fast asleep.

I woke up this morning to him kissing me. He had arisen around 830 but didn't want to disturb me. So he had just laid there gazing at me, until his passion had overcome him. I was still knocked out. I've always had this fantasy of being awakened to deep, soulful kisses and he really put the effort in to fulfilling that. He was kissing my derriere when I finally roused. We had a long, sensual foreplay session and then I happened to gaze at the clock.

It was already 11! He had to leave by noon and he hadn't even showered yet. My roommates were going to dog-sit this weekend and their friend was dropping the dog off at 1130. We hustled to the bathroom and took a nice long shower together. I was still very tired, so I tumbled back to bed to watch him dress.

Somehow he ended up right beside me, his tongue and fingers picking right where it had left off just a 15 minutes before. I enjoyed the dual caress. He made it down to my pussy and wasted no time getting down to business. I love the way he eats me out! He took his time, laving his tongue everywhere, sucking, teasing and licking me thoroughly. I was quivering and moaning in seconds, gripping the sheets tightly and letting myself fully be awash with pleasure.

The loud tones of the doorbell interrupted me as harshly as anything could have done. The bell was insistent and I knew that I wouldn't be able to come with such an interruption. Cursing under my breath, I threw my bathrobe on and headed to the door to see who it was. I had to fold my arms across my chest so whoever it was wouldn't see my protruding nipples.

Yeah, it was the Dog Guy, with his dog. Uuugh! My room mates weren't back so he foisted the dog off to me and started giving me instructions. I headed to the room a few times to check on Danny, he had already started getting dressed. The Dog Guy headed outside with the dog to 'socially interact' with our dogs. I used that opportunity to see my baby off. I fixed him a plate of food as well as some cherries and his favorite granola bars to tide him over for the day.

"See you Sunday," I whispered as I kissed him fervently. He gave me a look that spoke volumes. I don't think neither of us can wait that long.


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