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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Rapture

After my heart-rate returned to normal, I was too energized to take another nap so I decided to hit the gym. Danny was almost asleep at this point but I told him where I was going. Grabbing my gym clothes, I headed to the bathroom to shower and dress leaving him in quiet. I called Bella and she was up, she agreed to hit the gym as well.

About 20 minutes later, Bella arrived at my house and I grabbed my gym stuff. I couldn't find my shoes so I scurried around looking for them while Bella was honking the horn outside. Finally I went to the room to look for them and sure enough they were right there by my bed. Danny opened his eyes abit but went back to sleep so I didn't bother saying anything.

We talked abit and went to the gym. We had a great workout, were both there for about an hour. It was a short session, I wanted to get back before Danny started getting ready for work. Around 11am Bella dropped me off and to my surprise Danny was right outside.

"You leaving already?" I asked being that he didn't have to be at work until 1pm. He had this really tense look on his face and for a second I was worried. He didn't say anything just headed back in the house. "Are you ok?"

"Where have you been?" he said in consternation. "I was at the gym," I defended casually as I gave him a kiss. "I told you where I was going, remember?"

My room mate was home too and he had gotten her worried looking for me. Apparently he had woken up at 1000am when I went to get my shoes and thought that I had come back from the gym. He took another short nap and then took a shower. By the time he got dressed, he still hadn't seen me so he started worrying. My roomie got home and found the front door open (I had left it open cos I forgot my keys and didn't want to be looking for them with Bella waiting outside.) They had called my cell phone and heard in ringing in the house--I never take it to the gym. They called Bella but got her voicemail.

He was really worried. He thought that I had opened the door for someone who abducted me. My roomie called her hubby who talked to Danny and told him to relax. "Get in the spa or something, I'm sure Badspice will show up sooner or later,"he said. Danny tried to relax but he was really getting frantic.

Finally he convinced my roomie and they both decided to drive to the gym & thereabouts to look for me. That was when I strolled in. I explained my version of events but this did little to calm Danny down. My room mate took it all in stride however.

"I need to talk to you, in private," he said tersely, ushering me to my room. Uh-oh. I was expecting a tongue lashing at the very least. But as soon as the door shut behind me he enveloped me in this tight, fierce hug.

"I was so worried about you," he said quietly. "Don't ever scare me like that again!" he continued. He held me in that tight embrace, nearly squeezing the very breath out of me but I didn't complain. "I'm so sorry baby, I didn't mean to worry you," I told him as I stroked his back and his hair.

He heaved a deep sigh of relief and it wasn't until I felt a wet drop land on my shoulder that I realized that how deeply upset he had been. He had been frantic with worry, thinking all manner of things. I felt really bad for upsetting him so.

In a few minutes he got control of his emotions and leashed the vulnerable part of him that I have come to love. I just kept holding him, apologizing and telling him over and over and over again that I'm ok.

This was the moment that I think I realized his depth of love for me. I'm---humbled by it. In awe of it and kinda amazed by it.

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