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Friday, June 23, 2006

Dream Lover

I was caught in the pleasant lull between sleep and full wakefulness. His warm body was behind me, warming my back as the open window let in the cool morning air. I snuggled under the covers, closer to him, closer to the heat that was beckoning me. His arms tightened around me instinctively and I nuzzled my head on his bicep. His warm breath tickled the nape of my neck and I reveled in it, savoring every contact. Finally, everything was just right, and my mind succumbed to slumber.

I have no recollection of how long I slept, but I remember that it was peacefully. For once neither of us was jostling and tangling the covers, we just lay there, quiet, replete and restful in sleep. My dreams were colorful, erotic in their intensity. I've had erotic dreams before but this one was so different.

It began with butterfly kisses, light ones on my neck, behind my ears and my throat. My arm and elbow got the same attention as the gentle tongue forayed further down my body. I sighed, enjoying the contact, holding the dream to me and staying in it. Warmth beckoned me as heat pooled in my core, as my body responded to my lover's touch.

He kissed further down, lavishing the same attention on my stomach, my pubes, my thighs and all the flesh in between. His tongue laved my navel and the touch was so exquisitely real that I almost cried out. I wanted more. I wanted him in my pussy. I didn't move, fearful that if I did the dream spell would be broken. He parted my thighs slowly and I complied. At first, there was no contact on my heated flesh, just the breezy trickle of breath belying his presence. I writhed my hips trying to get closer and his arms caught me, holding me still.

When his lips made first contact on me I trembled. The touch was so perfect, so gentle and yet fiery. He fanned the flames with his tongue, slowly and methodically licking my pussy with infinite gentleness. I reached down and curled my fingers through his hair.

What?? The familiar curls nestling in my hands awakened me as nothing else could have done. I slowly opened my eyes, realizing then that it wasn't a dream. Realizing that it was my lover making sweet morning love to me. His face was already slick with my juices and he didn't stop, just kept flicking his tongue over my most sensitive places over and over and over again. He kept licking, eagerly imbibing all my essence as a starving man at a banquet. The sounds of his lips against my lips were the only sounds in the early morning air.

I felt the coil drawn tighter and tighter and he kept at it. His obsidian eyes gazed at me like two chocolate orbs in the apex of my thighs. "I love the way you taste," he whispered against my heated flesh. It was that moment that the fantasies of my dream and reality merged into one. With a keening cry I let myself go, my back arching of its own accord. The passion seeped through me like volcanic lava and my whole body shook with the height of my passion.

"What a delightfully erotic way to be awakened. Thank you." I managed to whisper as he kissed upwards my body, landing a passionate kiss on my lips. "I'm not done yet," he said with a wicked gleam in his eye.

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