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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Sleeping Beauty

The front door was open, a testament to the fact that my roomie had probably let Danny in. I headed on quiet feet to my room, and saw him there, laying prone on my bed. His head was facing the nightstand, and his face in such serene repose almost made me not want to wake him. Almost

I headed over to the bed, sitting down on it and running my fingers through his hair. The curls wound loosely around my fingers, beckoning me in their silken depths. I kissed him, softly at first, as if waking a sleeping lion.

He didn't respond at all so I deepened the kiss. I nipped at his lips, then licked them both, savoring the mouth that I hadn't seen in so long. Of their own accord, his lips opened and I sent my tongue into a questing foray, tasting him, waking him, heating his center.

The tightening of his arms around my body was the first signal that I got of his full wakefulness. I broke the kiss then, taking a deep breath---but those obsidian eyes called me back again. I kissed him languidly this time, with less haste and more passion, just savoring every moment of contact.

"Mmmmm, now that's the best way to be woken," he said with a smile. "How are you feeling?" I asked him, caressing his neck and shoulder. "Now that you're here...I feel like I'm in heaven," he replied. Without mincing words, he told me of his horrific 12 hour day on the sales floor and I felt bad that I had made him drive all the way down here when he should have just gone home.

"I forgot you had a long day today, I'm sorry," I told him. "Nah--I wanted to see you!" he replied as he leaned in for another kiss. It was then I realised we had been chatting for several minutes.

"I came to pick you up, I forgot," I told him. He told me he really wasn't hungry but would come along since I drove back to get him. "You have to give me a few minutes though--I don't think I could walk right now," he said with a glance down at his groin.

My hands headed south, wrapping my fingers securely over his rock-hard cock. I wanted to forget everyone and everything, and just have him inside me if only for a few minutes. My pussy clenched in acceptance----yes, do it! For once I actually ignored her demands. "We should get going," I said as I patted his cock. "I will have to take care of this later," I promised.

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