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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Passion Unleashed

It didn't take that long for us to get home. As soon as we were through the door I was all over him, kissing him and taking off his clothes one by one. As far as I was concerned, this was going to be the last night, in the next few days that we could exhibit such unbridled passion.

I wrapped my arms around him, kissing him everywhere I could get my lips on, revelling in the taste of him, the sensation of his warm skin under my hands. I could feel his heart beat pounding as ferociously, if not moreso than mine.

His kisses moved slowly from my mouth to my neck, the uber sensitive spots all over my throat. He laved his tongue deeply and hotly, sending chills all over my body. He took his time, savoring my tender skin, making me moan and yearn so much for him. My hands glided constantly over him, unbuckling his belt, taking his pants off, yanking socks off with ragged motions. His boxers were the last to go and he took those off with his own volition since my hands were too busy wreaking havoc with his hair, butt and everywhere in between.

All I wanted was for him to be inside me. There was no need or time for pleasantries, tonight...I wanted him. Deep. Inside me. I told him so harshly, mincing no words whatsover. His breathing ragged, he slowly slid my panties down my legs. The motions were so slow and erotic, building the excruciating tension inside me. With my underwear discarded, he slowly brushed his fingers over my pussy, sending me almost rocking off the bed. He slowly seperated the folds of my body and buried himself in, deeply, all the way to the hilt.

With hard strokes he thrust faster and deeper, keeping the rhythm at a consistent level that my body could do naught but to respond. With every stroke, white hot whips of fire raced through my bloodstream, sending me into the bliss that I was demanding.

I met him, stroke for stroke, claiming his body as thoroughly as he claimed mine, milking him tightly in a warm, wet vise. My second orgasm claimed me then, making my body taut and unyielding. Biting back a cry of pleasure, I let the waves crash over me, savoring the ecstasy that was mine.

He stayed with me, and kept on building the inferno. I caught his lips with mine, frolicking heatedly with my tongue in a wicked foray of its own. At the same time, I clenched my walls around him tighter and tighter. He tried to pull away, to pull out, but I wouldn't let him, wouldn't let him leave me---not when he was so close.

"Come for me Daniel," I whispered in his ear. "I want you all up and through me," I invited, sending a royal invitation with more motions of my vaginal walls. With a cry of triumph he obliged moments later, and I felt his essence pouring into me, uncontained, unrestrained, all mine.

"You got me," he said raggedly as he collapsed against me. I smiled as I wrapped my arms around him, cradling him as close to my body as I could. We both fell asleep that way, neither unable to move a muscle, so replete that we couldn't even lift the coverlet over our dewy skin.

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