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Monday, July 17, 2006

New Digs

Every evening after dinner, I take out my scrapbook and work on it. Danny's birthday is on the Thursday and I wasn't done yet. I was racing against the clock but with a little extra motivation from my old lady I managed to have it done on time.

I got permission from my Lady (Betsy) to have Danny over for the evening of his birthday. She agreed and made alternate dinner plans.

I called my aunt to let her know what was going on and my uncle calls me back in a fit of pique, telling me that I'm unreliable, irresponsible and shouldn't have Danny over. "I don't care if it's his birthday, you are on probation and you are inviting him over? That's just stupid," he groused.

I almost wanted to yell at him to leave me the hell alone. I'm out of your house for 12 days, isn't that enough? Instead, I mollified him, telling him Betsy had suggested it because she had other dinner plans. He bought it but reminded me that he wants me out of the house by September 7 come hell or high water.

Everything is just so awful now at the house I can barely breathe. I feel like I'm walking on eggshells trying to please everybody and keep everyone content. Bella offered me her place if I ever needed a place to crash. "It's tiny but it's a roof over your head until you can get things straightened out," she stated. I don't know---I might have to accept the offer.

With the amount of cash that I'm going to make at this gig, I can afford to move anywhere. Danny has agreed to move out of Roxanne's house as soon as we find a place together. So that's that. Now I just have to find a place in 40 days. Yikes!

I miss Danny. I miss holding and kissing him. I miss getting to talk to him on the phone whenever I feel like it. I miss having my own privacy, my own space. I miss my old life. My old life before I moved out here.

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