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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Happy Fourth

Danny woke up while I was packing. "Guess you are still taking that trip," he stated as he wiped his groggy, reddened eyes. You could tell how tired he was just my looking at him. "Yes hun, it's just an overnighter, we'll be back on Thursday," I told him. In terse tones I explained what had happened. He offered to leave right then. "I don't want to be a cause of stress for you. I'm sorry for all that happened earlier, I just wanted to see you tonight," he told me as he got his stuff together.

I wrote a note for Jade telling her to pack a bag and call me when she was ready to leave while Danny was brushing his teeth. "I'll walk you outside," I said as I grabbed my cell and headed for his car.

We started talking then, me venting my frustrations of everything. I cracked then, not being able to take the stress of it anymore. I remember that I started talking lucidly, and somehow ended up a bawling, blubbering mess. Uugh.

Danny just stayed there, listening to me rant and rave. When the tears started flowing, I tried to stop them but he grabbed me and held me close. "It's going to be okay babe. Everything is going to work out," he stated. This only upset me more and within moments I was leaving wet spots all over his shirt.

I really am totally fed up. I just couldn't deal with everything a moment longer and totally broke down. As usual, once the tears were spent I was able to think clearer. He started planning with me, making alternate plans with me. However none of them was anything plausible.

Finally we lapsed into total silence, holding hands and just staring out the windshield of the car. Some people in our neighbourhood started fireworks then, and they lit up the sky in stunning array. We watched for several minutes, catching our first fireworks together.

"Happy Fourth love," he whispered in my ear.


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