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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Happy Birthday Danny!

Today is Danny's real birthday. However, he has tomorrow totally off so we are celebrating then. My Lady was really busy this morning so I didn't get a chance to call him until Noon.

He was nice for about 5 minutes, I even sang Happy Birthday to him. I told him that I had big plans for him the next day, but he wasn't fazed. His beef with me was that I didn't call him all day. "First, my mom didn't even know how old I was and now my girl didn't even call me until noon. What a way to have a birthday." Yeah, but I'm sure fucking Roxanne called you, I instantly thought.

Everything I said was an excuse and we got into a heated row. "I don't know why you want us to have a fight, today of all days, but if that's what u fucking want, don't say it's my fault," I remember telling him.

"You are just still mad about last night and trying to take it out on me," he said. We argued for 30 minutes---over nothing, until finally I called a timeout. An hour later I called him at work and he was in a better frame of mind. We even laughed about our short tempers. "I know, you just really miss me---don't you," I teased.

I miss him sooooo much so I know that he must be feeling the same way if not worse. I called him throughout the day periodically, just checking up on him and making sure that he had directions for tomorrow.

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