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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Reunion

My flight was 10 minutes early. I stopped in the bathrooms to freshen up and put some makeup on. I was wearing his favorite jeans and a sexy top.

I've never had a boyfriend pick me up from the airport before. I was looking forward to it---just seeing him again would make my trip well worth it. As I rode down the stair thingey, I scanned the crowd looking for him, yet sensing that he wouldn't be there. I headed to baggage claim then, which was our assigned location.

I had my shades on, a new hairstyle and a purse that I didn't use often. Maybe he didn't recognize me? I questioned for a sec until I felt a tap on my shoulder. "Excuse me miss, I'm looking for the most beautiful girl in this airport," he said with a smile.

I squealed. Yes....actually squealed. Then I threw my arms around him, wrapping him in my arms. Tears pricked my eyelids and I forced them back down, refusing to give in. His hard body pressed firmly against me---God, how much I've missed him. We kissed then, to the bemusement of everyone around us, but neither of us really cared. It was a long kiss, one filled with tightly leashed passion and longing. "If I had any doubt, now I'm definitely sure. This is my girl," he stated with a smile.

Smiling at him, I leaned in for another kiss. And another, and another. Finally we realised that *gasp* there were children about. He escorted me to a corner away from the baggage crowd where he could ravish me in peace. We were laughing and holding each other, talking and kissing for several minutes.

Finally the luggage thing started working so we grabbed my suitcase and left the airport. Neither of us had cars so we schlepped the metro system. On the train, I was practically in his lap. He confessed how tired he was and I told him the same. "How bout we get the car, something to eat, somewhere to sleep, and when we wake up I can fully show you how much I've missed you?" he proposed.

Oh yeah baby!

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