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Tuesday, August 01, 2006


"You make me so happy. You really do," he continued. I got warm all over.

My pills had kicked in by now so I was actually feeling pretty darned good! I decided that I wasn't satisfied from my cock-famine yet. I headed straight to his pants, unbuckling his belt and finding his cock through his boxer fly.

With several slow licks I nursed it back to half mast and then started really indulging myself. Because of our previous encounters his cock was really hypersensitive now, so I just did nice, slow, soft licks on him, enticing him with every lick. I sucked and played with him and moaned deeply with every drop of his essence.

This wasn't an exercise to get him to cum--it was mainly because I was still craving his cock in my mouth. I had missed it so much. My quest continued tenderly on as I savored my dessert. He groaned, thrusting himself deeper into my mouth. I pressed my head further down and started going faster, but still keeping it nice and soft.

My tongue teased his cock, played against the F-spot and the top of his penis. I paid lavish attention to every single millimeter of it, tasting it like I had for the very first time. Even now, writing this, I remember how he felt in my mouth, down my throat as he spurted hotly into my mouth. I took it all in, swallowing his essence, running my lips over his still jerking member.


Now you can go to bed, SHE relented. He spooned me gently and we both drifted to sleep, lost in a world where nothing mattered except each other.

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