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Thursday, August 03, 2006

1 Revolution

The key element to royally fucking is foreplay. The foreplay gets me heated up, wet and ready for the next stage. I've noticed that with Danny, most times I get wet just thinking about fucking him. Tonight was no exception. I had felt the heat pooling in my core ever since the first adoring look he gave me that evening.

He looked so cute under the covers. But I knew that I wasn't just going to let him fall asleep, regardless of how tired he was.

"I need some help," I told him in my best damsel-in-distress voice as I turned around. He sat up a bit and helped me take off my necklace. He couldn't resist placing a soft kiss on my nape. With a smile, I prodded him to help me take off my bracelet. Then I moved towards the table, sitting on the chair and requesting aid to take off my 4 inch stilettos. By the time it came to untie the intricate laces on the back of my shirt, Danny was already out of bed.

The laces came off quite easily and he held them in his hands and drew me close. I could feel the hard length of his arousal pressing into my body and I smiled. He wasn't tired anymore! He kissed me slowly on the back of my neck, teasing me with those butterfly kisses. "You smell so good," he whispered, running his fingers down my neck, to my breasts and leaning my butt closer to him. I savored the attentions, quickly getting as heated up as he was.

I turned to face him then, quickly divesting him of his shirt, belt, pants and shoes. His hands got tangled in my shirt and I could tell from the look on his face that he was tempted to rip it off. "Remember how much you like this shirt," I told him jokingly as I helped him take it off.

My hand wrapped around his cock, turigd and firm, already gowing bigger under my fingers. Without preamble, I knelt down and took him in my mouth. Having fantasized about him all through dinner, there was no way I was going to go slow---not tonight. After licking and sucking him for a few minutes, I pushed him slowly backwards on the bed and kissed my way upwards his body, lavishing attention on all his hot spots, his chest, his nipples, his biceps and Adam's apple. He grabbed my ass with his hands, squeezing it tightly.

With a playful smile I headed back downtown to resume my activities, this time positioning my head so that I was able to take him in fuller and deeper. The only sounds in the room were my moans intermingled with his groans. I looked up several times, just to see how he was taking this platinum blowjob and from the intensely passionate look on his face I could tell that he was enjoying every single second of it. His salty precum mingled with my wet mouth and I was caught trying to savor every single drop that came out. I could feel the blood pulsating through his cock, making it harder and harder with every single lick and stroke.

"I want to fuck you in your pussy...right now," he stated through gritted teeth. I smiled to myself, sending him a look that stated that I wasn't done with his cock yet.

I gave him nice, long, deep licks, until I could feel his cock hitting the back of my throat. Tears sprang to my eyes but I ignored them and concentrated on my motions. After several up and down trips going very deep, Danny couldn't help but buck against me. I tightened my lips around him, sucking him harder and keeping my head still while he fucked my mouth. It was different I have to say.

Adding my right hand to the equation, I started pumping up and down, threading my fingers in a basket weave style as I deep throated him like a pro. I went faster and faster, savoring his excitement. I brought him to the very edge of an orgasm, his cock jerked once in my mouth---and then I stopped.

He let out a low groan. With obsidian eyes he watched me, begging with those eyes to finish what I had started. Instead, I positioned myself beside him, opening my legs wide. He gave me a slow, tender kiss and then, without further ado entered me in one fluid stroke.

Feeling him inside me again was like feeling a slice of heaven. Tiny spirals of heat seeped through my bloodstream, making me moan in delight. I had missed this. I had missed him. He kissed the valley between my breasts, focusing attention on each taut nipple at a time, and the slight motion of him rocking forward made me instantly hotter.

He fanned the flames instantly, sliding effortlessly in and out of my pussy. SHE clenched around him like a vise, as if the hold him there, hold him in. With forceful strokes he brought me to an orgasm, and then another. As my back arched I screamed in ecstasy, uncaring of who was listening. My body throbbed and burned, heated both from the inside and out.

But he wasn't done with me yet. With excruciating slowness he kept his cock inside me, while he rotated his whole body around me! He raised up on his arms and toes, keeping his body like a plan as he kept turning and turning. I felt every single inch of the fully circumferance. I felt his cock sear every millimeter of my pussy. With every slight degree turn he would gaze at me, as if looking after my comfort, then turn again, as a captain navigating through ocean waters.

Oh my God! My thighs started shaking and I couldn't keep my legs up. A HUGE orgasm rocked me, shook me to my core, and he wasn't even finished doing a 180 yet. By the time he had made a full 360, I was almost oblivious to anything else, being only to just feel the wonderful waves of orgasmic delight that poured over me. I couldn't move, could barely think. He finally stayed still, lying very hard still inside me, and gazed at me with fire in his eyes. Are you satisfied yet, you hussy?? I asked HER. My pussy trembled in response, feeling the same way I felt.

We just lay together for a moment as I struggled to catch my breath and see past the spots dancing before my eyes. He could tell that I was spent and he starting kissing me, using my own powers against me. His tongue played softly with mine, as if transferring some of his energy to me. Danny ran his fingers through my hair, playing with the spirals, and this helped calm me some. If he had touched me in any other way I probably would have just....incinerated!

"You better not think I'm done with you yet," he stated quite seriously. I managed to shoot him a weak smile. After about 5 minutes I finally was able to order some energy into my limp limbs. I got up on my knees and jutted my butt to him, knowing that the visual was as suggestive as the action. With a cocky smile he entered me again from the back, assaulting my senses fully with his essence.

He craned his neck to the side as he fucked me and kissed me, a warm, wet kiss that fueled my passion. I started bucking against him, digging my hands into the comforter and trying not to scream again. After another orgasm shook me he pumped harder for a few moments. Then he flipped me over and coated me with his essence. It shot out everywhere, my face, my breasts, my stomach, even leaving drops on the comforter.

"Wow," we both said simultaneously. Then broke out in laughter. "How do you do that? How do you constantly make each encounter better than the last?" he asked me. Like I should know! I should be asking him that question.

I lay back and smiled at him, unwilling and unable to even move a muscle. He got up and wet a towel, trying in vain to clean me up. "I need a shower," I said, "as soon as I can move!"

With a smile he lifted me and carried me to the bathroom.

Ah! Bliss. Gotta love a strong man.

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