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Monday, August 07, 2006

Strip Tease a Deux

By the time we got to our room, I was feeling very tired. Something about the long day that dragged on to this uncompleted end made me feel even more bummed than I was. I slowly took my jewellry off, deciding that I would just tell Danny to call it a night.

Before I could say anything, he grabbed me and kissed me deeply, intensely and hotter than anything he had ever done this night. He stuck his tongue into my mouth, playing with mine all the while running his fingers through my hair, my neck and my body. My body yielded to his instantly and I melded closer to him, wanting to obtain some of his luscious heat. He grabbed my ass then and pulled me closer, and I shivered, revelling in the contact. I could feel his hard arousal pressed against my body and I realised that even if I was tired and bummed, SHE was not, and SHE was getting laid tonight.

My Ipod speaker hit the next song then, blaring Renegade, one of Danny's all time favorite hits. I used the remote to make it louder and grabbed some dollar bills from my purse. "How about my own very personal strip show?" I asked, slinging a dollar bill in his waistband.

He sent me a cocky smile and moved closer to the music, gyrating his hips like a born freak as he grooved to the music. I started watching his act, mainly out of fun. But soon I was getting hot and bothered. I could feel HER clenching, wetting my panties irrevocably. He slowly took off his shirt, and his chest gleamed bronze in the muted light of the lamps. His belt got unbuckled slowly and hit the floor with a loud thud. I felt my nipples puckering under my shirt and I had to force myself to glance away from his aroused penis upwards to the sly smile on his face.

I ordered him closer and stuck some bills down his waistband, fingering his crotch in the process. He didn't say anything, just shot me another grin and slowly took his jeans off, inch by slow inch. Even though I've seen his cock tons of times, somehow this viewing was different. His boxers hid his cock totally from my view and was annoyed by the thin sheathe of modesty. After what seemed like ages, he finally took off everything, and he was standing naked before me, in all his majestic glory, his cock jutting proudly forward, way more intensely beautiful than Michelangelo's David.

The music player shifted again, and put one of my girl power songs. I stood up then, deciding to show him that...two can play that game. Needing no incentive whatsoever, I paraded before him, delicately and slowly stripping off every single item of my clothing. I was wearing some new emerald thong lace panties and as I took my jeans off I heard his lusty moan. This further emboldened me and I bent over, looking at him upside down, my head between my legs, my ass firmly in his face. I gyrated my hips, causing my buns to twirl and bump rhythmically and I could see him getting as heated as I was.

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