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Sunday, August 06, 2006

He Told His WHOLE Family About Me

Danny's parents are back in town today. He's spent most of the weekend (when he wasn't working) with them and Junior. We've talked very frequently--but honestly, I can't wait until he comes home to me at the end of the night.

I think I may have found us a spot. At least I hope so, if all goes well.

Today Daniel had dinner with his father, mother, sister and her husband. "I told them about you," he stated.

EEK! "What??? What did you say?" I ask, all a twitter.

He stated that he had mentioned the Scrapbook that I made for his birthday and how it's the best present that he ever got. He detailed the intricacies of the scrapbook to his family. "They could tell from how I was talking about you that I'm totally in love with you," he continued.

His sister had asked how we were compatible. His dad George had raised his eyebrows and given Danny a wink right then. "It's not just the sex,---which is amazing by the way," he had protested as he gave other reasons why we clicked.

Yikes. Now his whole family knows that I fuck him. And I haven't even met his sister and her hubby yet, only met his mom for a sporadic time last fortnight. And they know I can fuck. Just like a guy to mention sex first.

"See! I told you that your dad knew we were fucking in his guest room!" I said blushing. Danny just laughed. "Trust me, my dad knew a looong time ago how important fuckin' is to all his offspring. He's a stud himself," was Danny's reply. Oh Lordy!

Vane's fiancee is flying into town on Tuesday. "She's going to be here for several weeks staying with my parents. I want you to meet her. I told her that you liked the haircut she gave me."

I have a shaky feeling that I'm about to meet his whole family really soon en masse. I don't want to even contemplate the scenario.

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