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Monday, August 07, 2006

Oral a Deux

Halfway through the song, we both were naked and I urged him down, grabbing his cock and sucking it like it was food from heaven. There was no preamble necessary, we both were lusty and knowing what we wanted. SHE wanted his cock. And HE wanted her pussy. Plain and simple.

This blow job was definitely abit more different than the usual. There was a fiercer edge to it, as if I fully intended to devour him whole. I took him slow and deep, alternated with fast and tight into my mouth, caressing and sucking, licking and savoring. There was no part of his package that I didn't lave tenderly with my lips and tongue. It was on.

My passion fueled his passion and he urged me to go deeper, faster. He was rock hard, respondant to my every touch and lick. It was totally empowering. For several minutes he let me enjoy myself, and I could see that each motion was driving him closer to the edge. Lovely.

"What do you mean lovely? He hasn't even fucked you yet," SHE said impatiently. "Enough of this pseudo-fuckin ish. Let's get serious," SHE encouraged, clenching tightly and dripping wet cum down my leg.

As if sensing the inner dialogue, Danny pulled away and made me stop, telling me that he was reading for some indulgence of his own. He kissed my neck for several minutes, drawing deep moans from me. His mouth fastened instantly on my left nipple, sucking and licking it until all I could do was draw out a quivering moan. His hand played with my other breast, leaving me taut and fully, wanting more, needing more. He eased further down my body slowly, leaving every inch of skin sizzling with his butterfly kisses.

By the time he reached the apex of my body, SHE clenched again in impatience. Damn! He looked at my pussy, breathing warm air on every single spare inch. The anticipation made me clench the sheets tightly and open myself up to him further as I braced myself for the waves that were going to hit me. I looked down at him and he looked up, staring at me intently with those mocha colored eyes. As if all the love in the universe was staring at me. The look stole my breath away.

He bent down to my pussy, inhaling the spicy womanly scent as if he had been craving it for some time. The first kiss he gave my lips almost sent me off the bed. It rocked me to the core. I had missed this. For a whole goddamn month. It's about damn time, SHE said. He tasted me slowly, as if tasting ambrosia for the first time. Then he laved more deeply, laving up all my juices with his tongue.

I gave up trying to control the encounter and just lay back and let my lord and master please me. For some men, you have to teach them how to eat pussy....but Danny must have known the tricks from the cradle. With infinite tenderness he licked and laved me, tasting me and eating me with the right pressure in all the right spots. I didn't even have to do anything, just give in to each crest of the wave of passion that overtook me.

He held my gaze, clasping my hand with one of his while the other held my pussy the way he wanted it. He mixed kisses with licks, teasing sucks with tongue laves and kept at it until I was a dizzying mass of light. I started coming in waves, orgasms right on top of the other and he didn't stop, making me cum like three times. When he did cease (and only because I begged for him to be inside me), his face was coated with my juices. I felt a long drop of my pussy juice trickling down my ass that I realised how much I had cum.


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