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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Daylight Date

I ended up waking up late. I wasn't in a hurry though, I figured Danny would be late as usual. I was wrong. He was at my door at noon.

My hair was a hot mess and I hadn't even picked my outfit yet. I made him wait while I took my time getting dressed. He was talking to my roomie for close to an hour. Even after I was ready, he didn't feel like getting up. They kept having this intense conversation that I participated in until my growling stomach demanded attention.

"Feeeeeeed me!" I growled. "Then we can talk all you want!" He agreed with a smile, realising that I was starving. I gathered my things and headed out, pausing to take a huge blanket with me. Danny raised his eyes in question but didn't say anything as he helped me store my stuff in the car.

Danny's brother in law called as soon as we got in the car. "Your mom is at home alone right now. You should go see her," he told Danny. I pursed my lips together, wanting this moment with him yet realising in this instance family does come first.

However, Danny told me that he wanted to at least have lunch with me. "I spent the whole of last night and this morning over there. There's only so much depression I can deal with at a time. Be my solace," he told me quietly. I nodded, entwining my fingers wit his.

We stopped at the Indian restaurant where we had had our first date. There was a buffet laid out and I actually felt like eating a totally vegetarian meal. Danny actually noticed this and gave me a beaming smile. As we dined, we talked about sundry affairs, and he told me that he had finished another track for his album. His mother called him then, but he couldn't reach the phone in time. "I'll just call her when we're done," he stated.

The waiter came in and refilled our water glasses and that of the patron right by us.

"Thank you," the man said, his eyes glistening with tears. "Yeah, the food is pretty spicy," Danny joked with him. That was how we met Bill.

He's a musician as well, has his own studio and Danny and him started talking shop. They got really engrossed in this conversation about deception and indoctrination, socialist government versus capitalism and other stuff. I listened with one ear as I savored my food. Danny can connect with anybody. He talks to you for 2 minutes and you are instantly his friend. That trait reminds me so much of my dad.

The guys exchanged cards and Billy left, we paid our tab shortly thereafter and strolled hand in hand to the car. It was so hot! I opened all the windows but stood on the outside, not wanting the leather seats to burn my beautiful bum. Danny chose that moment to call his mother. As soon as she picked up, he started speaking Hebrew and they talked haltingly for several moments. He walked away from me, ambling down the street and I forced myself not to go after him.

The more he talked to Mommy Dearest, the more upset he was getting. Finally his emotions surfaced totally and I saw a tear fall. I headed over to him then, enclosing him in a tight hug and placing his head on my neck. He stayed on the phone with his mom, even though she was depressed and upset, talking about Vane. He spoke to her slowly, haltingly as the tears fell. I pulled away from him after a few moments, sensing that he wanted to be alone to collect himself. I headed back to the car and made a phone call of my own, finding directions online to a park I wanted us to go to.

He returned to me a few minutes later, his eyes teary and wet with unshed tears. "I don't have to be there until around 6, which gives us some more time together. She'll be okay till then," he said. He drew me closer, wrapping up in a tight embrace. I buried my fingers through his hair, savoring the contact, watching the way the sunlight danced across his handsome features. The tormented look that I kept seeing in his eyes tortured me, and I wished fervently that I could do something to ease his pain.

I kissed his warm lips, melding my tongue slowly with his, giving him every ounce of my support. He responded, latching on to me as tightly as I had him, and moaned as I deepened the kiss. A car honking loudly broke the kiss and we realised then that we were standing in the middle of the street.

"We should go somewhere," he said in broken tones. "Somewhere more private." I nodded and grabbed his hand, leading him up another street to a hidden alcove behind an office building that was closed for the day.

His back was to the wall, his hands on my butt and he stared at me intently for several minutes. I held his gaze, bemused at the stare, watching him as intently as he watched me. "You are so beautiful," he stated, "Your eyes are gorgeous."

I laughed softly at that. "I was just thinking the same thing. Your eyes are really beautiful, like a rainbow. There are prisms of all shades going through it, hazel, orange, green, blue, dark brown, it's a veritable kaleidoscope of color," I told him. He smiled at me then drew me closer and I inhaled his spicy masculine cologne. He was watching the tree leaves move above us intently and this gave me an idea. "Let's go. I have somewhere I want to take you to," I said as I drew him away.

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