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Friday, August 11, 2006

Lunch Break Sex

He complimented me on how ravishing I looked. "You just ooze sexy. All the time," he told me as he wrapped his fingers around mine. I kissed him again, contemplating giving him a blow job as we drove the few blocks to Quizno's but decided against it. I had much more on my mind today besides a blowjob. As if reading my mind, he shot me a seductive smile.

"You know, I'm having this feeling of deja vu. Of being totally eaten up by this beautiful, sexy lady at the bathroom at this Quizno's. I'm not sure if it's a foggy memory or a dream...I not sure," he joked.

I sent him a flirty yet secretive smile. "It seems you aren't sure. Perhaps I should refresh your memory," I replied, kissing him full on the mouth. "To the nth degree," I promised in a whisper.
Twenty minutes later we were done with our meal. Danny was the first to finish and I could tell that he was chomping at the bit. He cleared up the table and told me he was going to the bathroom to 'wash his hands'. After making sure noone was interested in my antics, I followed after him, entering the women's restroom, knocking thrice on his door as I passed by.

He joined me a few minutes later, and by then I had already hung my purse on the hook, set a napkin on the floor and shucked my skirt up. He kissed me fiercely, pushing me against the wall, wrapping his hands around my body. He moved my shirt aside quite easily and feasted on my breasts, as if he hadn't tasted them in a while. I melded into him, wanting more of his caress and yet...wanting more.

SHE took over then. SHE kissed him back relentlessly, until SHE had the reins under her full control. I found myself unbuckling his belt and unzipping his jeans, pushing them to the floor. The fly of his boxers moved instantly out of my way and Danny let out a low moan at my fiery touch. I got down on my knees then, shoving him instantly into my mouth, making him harder with just a few short, wet licks.

My red thong found vanished out of the way and without any further preamble, I stuck my ass out and impaled him slowly into my hotbox. My pussy was tight and it took a few tries to get him in all the way. I relaxed then, leaning against the sink, watching him fuck me slowly in the bathroom mirror. Our gazes held and then he started to go faster, pressing deep into me, pounding me unrelentlessly. SHE clasped against him, tighter and tighter, spurring his actions. We both were trying to hold back any sounds but short breaths and low moans could be heard in the small bathroom.

He paused for a moment and I heard steps of someone going into the men's bathroom. SHE resented the cessation. I prodded my ass closer to him, riding his cock fast and furious, claiming the orgasm that I had almost reached. Still I kept moving, working in synchronicity with Danny until he poured his hot essence deep inside me. My pussy was quivering, wanting more, yet realising that there wasn't enough time.

"Damn," we both sighed as we started cleaning up a bit and straightening up our clothes. "Thank you," he said as he kissed me slowly on the mouth, wrapping his hands around me waist and drawing me closer.

I nodded, knowing that he was thanking me for more than just the last 10 minutes. Hugging him, I sent him out of the bathroom, telling him that I would meet him outside.

Bursting once again into the hot summer day, I strolled into the waiting car and couldn't help but kiss him once again. His lunch break was up, and we had to seperate, but before we did he told me that this was the first time ever he got fucked in public.

It's about time we broke another record, SHE smirked as she spilled some more cream on my soaked panties. Shut up. It's the first time for me too! I replied HER.

Oh...Yeah. It's about damn time! was HER saucy reply.

God, I love my pussy!

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