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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Wood Nymphs

We stopped at a liquor store to get some water, sangria and an energy drink. I gave him directions and within a few minutes we were at the park. Danny has been asking me if I knew where there were paddle boats around, and the call I made earlier found this Lake Park for us. He was excited, wanting to get on the paddle boats, but relented when he saw that I wasn't so up for it. "Another time," I promised. I had other things in mind. He took the blanket and drinks and walked around the park, following the paths until we found a section that was more secluded from the normal Saturday family partying horde.

Danny spread the blanket on the floor under a large tree that gave alot of shade. We both kicked off our shoes lay together, gazing into each others eyes and talking softly. It was idyllic and serene, a slice of heaven in his dark world. We stayed like that for about an hour, moving around on the large blanket, watching the kids playing, keeping our bodies close. We kissed softly, gentle, tender kisses that left us yearning more.

I could feel his erection hard against my body and I smiled to myself. "There are children about!" I joked as I played with his hair and placing one of my legs over his body.

"I know," he stated truthfully, "but right now, I only see you. I need you. I want you. I want to make love to you. Right here, right now." He didn't even have to ask twice. My yearning was written plainly on my face, in the posture of my body, in my peaked nipples.

"Okay," SHE responded. I wanted him too. I could see the satisfied smirk cross Danny's face for a second before he helped me up, slipping my shoes on. We left our stuff there and walked down a trail for a bit. As if knowing our destination we walked up a steep hill, reaching the top and looking down at the park. We hiked for a few more minutes into the forest, sliding down the hill on a leafy path, until the voices of the screaming, excited children faded away.

Until there was only us. In a wooded, enchanted forest.

"Watch out for the poison oak," he stated as he helped me cross a patch of it deftly. A copse of trees midway down the hill caught my attention. They were old and gnarly, the roots and trunks having grown in close proximity to each other. The sun dappled through the leaves, leaving streaks of light in patches all around us. We made it to the trees and I leaned against the trunk, pulling at his shirt with deft fingers.

He pinned me to the tree and I could feel his arousal, tighter and harder. He kissed me then, filling me with raw, earthy passion. He tongue played with mine relentlessly as he his hands ran up and down my body. I could feel my pussy shaking and I played with his belt buckle, undoing it clumsily.

I kissed him on his neck, nipped his hard stomach and finally made enough room through his jeans and boxers for his cock to leap out at me. It glowed in the shaded light, a beacon that called my questing mouth. I took him in my mouth, enjoying a few deep licks, savoring the pre-cum that sprang to my lips. He was delectable and I relished him. I had just unbuttoned my jeans when a car engine caught Danny's attention.

"There's a truck," he told me, shielding my body with his. I grimaced at him, pointing out with one look that my skin complexion matched the tree trunks more closely than his did. He bit back a laugh, and ducked behind one of the bigger trunks, sliding closer to me as the truck moved down the hill. "Do you think he saw us?" I asked in trepidation, trying to shove my clothes together in case someone was coming up to inspect.

"I don't know. Don't think so. Do you want to stop?" he asked me.
Stop? Stop? Hell fucking no you will NOT stop, SHE said in consternation, clenching furiously in me.

"No," I whispered, obeying the demands of my pussy yet again. I bent back down and attended to his cock, reviving it almost instantly to the hard, turgid length that it was. He groaned deep in his throat as he bent to unzip my jeans further. My panties landed on the floor as well and he turned me around.

He slid himself deep within me and my body opened in full acceptance. "That's it baby. Give it to me, give me all you got," I ordered, relishing the way he was filling me. He pulled out slowly and thrust again, going in further, all the way to the hilt. He withdrew again, this time going faster and soon he had a rhythm that had me moaning loudly, digging my nails into the tree trunk. I had never been made love to outside like this. It was animalistic, it was basic, it was fierce.

I looked up at him, at the wild, passionate look in his eyes as he kept thrusting into me. My pussy clenched around him, wrapping him hotly in a vise. "I love you," he said harshly, pulling my butt closer and diving more into me. "I love you. I love you. I love you," he said out loud with each thrust.

The tree shook with the power of his thrusts and leaves fell all around us. I looked up at him and echoed his words, over and over again until I came, and then I had to stifle my cry. He kept pounding on, relentlessly, faster...until he had me peaking again in another orgasm. It was then his body released into mine, filling me deeply with his essence. He stayed in me, holding me up, kissing my back and my neck.

"I can't believe we just did that," he stated. "You're amazing." My heart light, I smiled at him, kissing him deeply.

We straightened our clothes as best as we could, with me cleaning up his cock with my lips of whatever seed he hadn't poured into me. He helped me back up the hill, laughing as I almost fell, causing him to tumble through the leaves.

As soon as we made it to the top of the hill to begin our descent back to the park, we wrapped our fingers together. I know there will be many more beautiful encounters like this.

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