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Thursday, August 17, 2006

This & That

I didn't see Danny for the rest of the week. However, we talked quite frequently, touching bases throughout the day and nightly. Roxanne gave him an ultimatum last night. "You have to be out of the house by October 1st. And pay your full rent until the lease is up," she practically screamed at him. When he told me this, I got irritated, mainly because I knew that he was going to do that anyway and she had no right to issue ultimatums. Bitch.

Danny likes watching me when I go on the warpath for him. I just hate that she manipulates him, tries to send him on guilt trips and gives him so much grief like it's his fault that she's depressed.

I've been having pain on & off since Monday and felt that I was getting sick. "I'm about to have a full blown crises," I confessed one night. "But I can't afford it right now. I need to find a place to live first."

He was quiet at that. I know that whenever I fall sick, he hurts as well, if not more than I do. He promised me that if I did get really, really sick/hospitalized---he would find us a place before i got out. "You are my baby. I'm going to take care of you," he promised.

God, I love him.

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