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Monday, August 14, 2006

Role-Play #2: Job Interview

"Mr. Warren? Hello, my name is Jennifer Smith. Please come in," I said as I ushered yet another interviewee into my office.

Hmmm, this one is really sexy. Not like any of the others, was the thought that flashed through my head as he gave me a firm handshake. "Please, do sit," I ordered as I sat behind my desk. My office was designed to intimidate everyone who sat on the other side of it. The walls were decorated in impressive Renaissance art, original works by my favorite artists. As Mr. Warren covertly surveyed the room, he seemed in awe of the wealth depicted here.

Let's see if I can impress him some more. "It's nice to finally meet you. This is your third interview and you've gone through my subordinates until this point. However, this job in Acquisitions is going to be working directly under me so I get to pick the final outcome," I said authoritavely as I crossed my legs, giving him a view of my sexy garter.

He didn't even look down as he gazed at me with such earnestness. I could tell that he was a novice in this field, not even jaded and cynical as we all eventually got. I continued talking and he listened with interest and awe, impressed by my company's assets and benefits. I repeated alot of the spiel by rote as I checked out his handsome features. His curly jet black hair was setting off a perfectly molded face that made me yearn to run my fingers through. His brown eyes glowed with intelligence, and as the lamp hit them the color changed. When he smiled, a small dimple appeared in his right cheek and he had gorgeous full lips surrounded by a well groomed mustache & goatee. Ay caramba! Sexy, sexy, sexy! my body said as my nipples tightened of their own accord.

"Your salary starts at $150,000/year with benefits as well as bonuses comparative to what you will do. Image is everything in this business and we like to make sure all our employees retain that image. You will be given an S-class Mercedes, exchanged for the latest model every year for your personal as well as professional use. You will be outfitted with a Versace wardrobe. Do you have any tattoos or piercings?" I continued. "Yes," he replied. "Can I see them?" I practically ordered. Anything to get his shirt off. "Now?" he asked in surprise. I replied him with a nod, maintaining an unaffected air. He pulled his shirt off, rewarding me with a view of his sculpted, muscular frame. Yes...he would do quite well.

"Like I said, you will be closely working with me and have to be available 24/7. Conversely, you will live on the Company Estates, and your house will be close to mine. Do you have any family that will be making this move with you?" I finally asked, wondering what he would say if I gobbled him up right then and there.

He nodded, telling me about his girlfriend, Julliete, a girl that he'd been dating for almost a year. I feign interest as I question him as to the depth of his relationship and his love for her. "We do provide relocation as well as a free job search for your family members. What field does she work in?" I said, making a note on my pad. He told me she was into real estate. I continued, talking more about my company, what the expectations were, what the benefits were like. He wanted this job, he was desperate, I could smell it. He was ambitious too---and would do anything for it. Lovely.

"You are in the running with 2 other applicants. I need you to do something to push yourself to the next level," I stated, crossing my legs again and licking my lips.

"Something like what?" he asked, unsure of my intentions.

"Like I said, you will be working closely with me at all hours. I have to make sure we are compatible. I have needs that you will have to fill. Do you understand?"

"," he stated in uncertainty. God gracious, how much more obvious do I need to be. "I expect sex from you whenever I need it. Right now, I want you to eat my pussy," I stated brazenly, mincing no words.

He hesitated, verbally telling me about Juliette. "Shh--" I interrupted, placing my finger on his lips. "Juliette will never, ever know," I encouraged as I stuck a finger into his mouth. He sucked it slowly, watching my every move carefully, testing the depths of my needs. I moved closer to him, kissing him on the mouth, watching his reaction to my kiss. Oh yeah, he wanted me.

I take him to the extra room in my office and lay on the bed, raising my skirt up to my waist. "Eat my pussy like you really, really want this job," I told him as I pulled him by the tie closer to my body. He kissed my breasts slowly, like an amateur, raising his head up and saying with a jagged voice, "Juliette will never know?" "Never," I promised, bending his head to the task.

After that reassurance he wholeheartedly embraced the act. He savored my breasts, paying attention to both, lavishing them with his tongue, getting me already soaking wet. "Pussy. Now," I ordered, done with the games.

He obliged, as he slowly took my panties off. He tucked a pillow under my butt, raising my pussy in all it's glory. He brought his lips to me slowly, as if fighting his conscience and his wants and I let him make up his mind. Taking a deep breath, he took the plunge and licked my outer walls. I gazed at him, young, so ill at ease, trying to please his Mistress. "Good. Good boy eat that pussy like you want the job," I stated, drawing him closer.

He laved and licked my clit walls, stroking it with his soft, wet tongue until my pussy was shaking. He devoured me, losing all his earlier hesitance, raking me over the coals and bringing such wonderful ecstasy to my body. He got all up in it, like he was mining for gold, sticking his tongue as far as it would go.

He used his fingers as well, making me feel as if 2 tongues were at work as he warmed my pussy from the outside in. It opened up to him like a flower, secreted warm juices over his skin, coating the bristly hairs on his face with its wetness. I came once and still he continued, ploughing his tongue into my pussy, looping and touching one of my g-spot with his finger at the same time. I saw stars then and I wrapped my fingers in his curls as I came hot and heavy. This was heaven.

He raised himself up then, and showed me his cock, straining against the material of his jeans. It was big, I could tell, just the way I liked it. "Can I--?"

"Oh yes," I told him, leaving the languor of my body to open his fly and stroke him. "Are you going to fuck me like you want the job?" I asked him.

"I already got the job," he told me as he thrust himself into me. "This is just benefits." Oh yeah baby. I moaned at the sensation of having all his length inside me. He groaned as he thrust forward again, enjoying the contact as much as I did. He played my body like he knew it, fucking me with such wild abandon. The youth have such vigor, was my departing thought as he started fucking me faster and harder. I came with regularity, warming and wetting his cock, coating it with my essence the same way I had coated his face. Still he wasn't done with me. "I ain't through with you yet. Those other 2 are beat out of the running," he promised.

He was magnificent. Hot and heavy like a wild stallion. He bucked into me with a succulent rhythm, not holding anything back, fucking me like he was getting paid for it. None of my previous 3 husbands had ever fucked me like this young buck was doing. I directed him to cease and take me from behind and he complied, entering me in one fluid stroke. I turned to the right so I could view him in action in the mirror that was hung across the room.

He grabbed my sides and lifted me in the air as if I was no more than a feather and brought himself ferociously into me. His body was coated with a fine sheen of perspiration but he didn't seem to mind. There was something feral about him, something desperately hungry for this, as if Juliette hadn't been properly fucking her man. Well I can take care of that, I thought as I clenched my pussy tighter around him, flexing my Kegels. He watched himself as he fucked me, and I watched him, watched the tight muscles play across his body with every single stroke. He was so deep, so hard, I swore I could feel him all the way to my navel.

I cried out over and over again at the unexpected pleasure that lanced through me, filling me. Every single stroke was met with a tightness of my own, until we were making each other ecstatic. Finally with a cry of triumph, he came in a fury, pouring his essence all in me.

"Did I get the job," he asked between a harsh breath moments later.

"Yes." I replied emphatically. He totally got the job.

-------END SCENE-------

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