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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Racy Lips

For the rest of the drive home, all three of us talked. As usual, my hand crept over to Danny's hair, playing with his curly locks. Junior was beside himself, asking question after question, as I answered him while using my right hand to inflame Danny.

My hand was first on his lap--just sitting there, and then inched to his cock. He had told me earlier that the meal had made him sleepy, and that my job was to keep him awake...and I was doing just that. I started massaging his member right there in the car, in broad daylight, moaning slightly under my breath. Every few moments, I would turn and look at Junior, throwing in some answer to get him asking another question. Kids!

I could tell that Danny was getting heated just by looking at him, and from the response of his cock that my hand was getting. It kept growing and growing beneath my fingers and still he managed to stay on the highway and drive as if he wasn't bothered at all. This just fueled me more and I leaned closer to him, placing a kiss on his neck and his cheek. Junior started giggling then and this broke our moment. Danny gave a strong suggestion for Junior to 'go to sleep so you will have energy when we get to Grandma's house,' to which he obeyed after a few seconds.

My hands kept running all over his body and I gingerly undid his belt buckle, wrapping my fingers around his pulsing member. Mmmm....lovely. I shot a quick look at Junior to make sure he was really sleeping and then bent my head down and started paying my respects to my boyfriend's beautiful cock.

The second my lips touched his member he groaned audibly, letting me know without a doubt that he was as affected as I was. I laved him slowly, going as far down as I could go, leaning into him all the way, taking him all the way to my throat.

And still he kept driving.

I started working wonders with my lips, with my tongue, with my mouth and soon he was wet and it wasn't just my saliva. I eagerly laved up the drops of pre-cum as soon as they formed, as sent my questing tongue seeking more, flicking his frenulum on the way. I used my hand and tightened it like a vise, pretending it was vaginal walls clasping around him, causing him to buck against me slowly. I gazed up at him, murmuring sexy words under my breath, daring him to cum all in my mouth.

I felt the car slowing, knew we were getting to my neighborhood, but I wasn't done with him yet. I wasn't stopping until he came for me. As if knowing this, he drove slowly past my house and kept on driving, heading up and down a couple of streets until he parked on a deserted side street. With a growl he wrapped his fingers in my hair, pushing me further down on him. I moved my tongue hotly, searing his cock, and renewed my efforts, slowly baiting him unceasingly, with a practiced rhythm, massaging his balls as well. I was at the very tip of his cock when I felt him jerk against me, and I went all the way down again, coming up to claim his juices as they spilled in my mouth. I gamefully swallowed every drop, not wanting anything to spill on his pristine coat.

"I can't believe you," he breathed as he floated down from his climax. I smiled, wiping my mouth off slowly in satisfaction. Don't get it twisted honey, I will take you every single time I want you, regardless of who's in the car with us, was the look I gave him. He smiled and we both looked back at Junior, who was still fast asleep in the car. "I'll take you home," he said finally, straightening his clothes up and putting the car in drive.

All in all, it was a very lovely day!

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