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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Worship Day....

Danny came to pick me up at 9am. He was actually a bit later than originally planned and sounded really hassled on the phone. Considering the fact that we had cut our phone conversation short last night and he had 'went to bed' arond 11pm, I had a hard time believing he got a late start on the morning if he really got up.

I was dressed and ready when they pulled up. Danny & Junior both got out of the car and it was a total Kodak moment. Junior is like his little mini-me and they were both dressed up, Danny in a suit and Junior in a buttown down shirt, vest and a tie. So cute! I hugged them both quite exuberantly and fed them jelly sandwiches (they hadn't eaten at all). The synagogue that I had researched and that we had originally planned to go to ended up closed for some reason so we headed to College Town with a vague idea of a synagogue there. I was excited and nervous at the same time.

When we got there, the service was just about to start. Danny put the kapis on both him and Junior and an elder escorted them to the inner sanctum. Of course, it had to be a friggin' traditional service where they men were seperated from the women. Holy fuck! In addition to that, they only spoke pure Hebrew, EVERYTHING WAS IN HEBREW! And those bastards took my interpreter from me. Most of the women must have decided to skip the damn service since they weren't able to see anything anyway so I was the only one. I tried to get into it, the Rabbit even gave me an English/Hebrew translated service book, but not understanding what was going on was a severe drawback.

After an hour of the service, Junior was getting really antsy and Danny was having a hard time concentration. So I whispered through the divider for Junior to come over with me. After getting permission from his dad (he's such a good boy!) he came over. We ended up playing Rock, Paper, Scissors and a few other hand games to occupy the time while the service went on the on.

My attention was attracted when Danny got up to read the Torah. Contrary to everyone that had read before, he was reading so melodically and rhythmically I couldn't help but be enthralled. I had Junior peering through the slats trying to see his dad as well. I was so proud of him. He held it down reading the Torah in ancient Hebrew. Yikes!

The service finally finished and they asked us to come outside for a luncheon, called the Kiddush. Everyone sat and interacted and...surprise, two women actually came out to eat as well. They asked us questions and talked to us while we snacked on a warm potato & bean pottage, some kind of flat bread, egg spread, humuus, pickles and olives. They were very friendly and outgoing, getting rapidly enamored with Junior. For some reason, they thought he was my son, and kept asking how long we had been together and when we got married. To my surprise, Danny didn't dissuade them, just saying we had been together 'a while' but were planning to get married. I was getting quite chilled by now so I borrowed Danny's jacket whilst I made sure that Junior didn't make a mess.

They didn't want us to leave but were going to have another service after they had had a long 4 hour service just a scant hour ago!!! They wanted Danny to stay for that, and he didn't try to get out of it. However, I was too cold and too tired of being segregated so I told the company that I was going to sit in the car and get warm. Danny headed to the other service and Junior followed me.

In the car, Junior and I bonded more. Wow....I actually love that boy in all his percociousness. He pretended to be driving the car and kept asking me what each button/lever did. We even headed to different locations like the bank, mall, movie theatre, grocery store, library, my house, Danny's house and at each spot, Junior would ask me if I wanted him to drive fast or slow. Then he would drive for a few minutes (sound effects included), pull up to our destination, park and then act like he was the salesclerk/bank teller and hand me whatever I needed. It was so fun! I indulged him and try not to get tired of answering his numerous questions. He asks more questions that Socrates!

About 15 minutes later, Danny said goodbye to the welcoming worshippers and came to the car, telling me about the short service and that they had invited us to the Friday evening vespers as well. "There are more women there," he stated as he drove around College Town. "I'm hungry," I told him emphatically. I urged him to feed me before he dropped me off at home. I had considered the Kiddush a light snack and not hearty enough to fill my cavernous appetite. We ended up going to a Thai restaurant.

We got to the restaurant and Danny was talking to his dad. They had called while we were at synagogue and wanted to know when he was coming through. "Yeah, I'm coming around 6," he stated. "I'm here with Badspice & Junior...." Silence. "Yeah I was thinking about that---but Mom," was his side of the conversation. He later told me that his dad had suggested bringing me over but his mom is still not receiving any visitors outside of family ever since Vane's death.

His phone had also rang with messages from Roxie as well as Shelly and some work people. We enjoyed our meal though, and I gorged myself with the delicious fare. Junior even ate some spring rolls and the waitress had fun playing with him. We left after about 30 minutes and had to stop at a gas station to get some gas.

Danny got out to pump the gas and I took that opportunity to get out as well, leaning towards him and stealing a slow, deep, wet kiss. Junior was giggling at us from the backseat---he was beside himself. "Why are you kissing Daddy in public?" he asked me, "People can see you!"

"Why do you care what people think Junior? You are never going to see them again anyway---and all you have is this moment," was my response. Danny chimed in and we both seized the moment to bring life lessons to our little young 'un.

Gosh---I feel like an instant mom. Yikes!


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