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Friday, August 25, 2006

Magic Lips

He did come...and I must confess, having sex while drugged up gives everything a WHOLE new dimension. But first...lemme start from the beginning.

He kissed me slowly, a long devouring kiss, melding his tongue sinuously with mine. He transferred his need to me, imbued me with that kiss with a burning fire to have him there and then, regardless of anything else.

I slid over and let him lay beside me and he cradled me in his arms. The spicy scent of his cologne called to me, questing my lips to kiss down the length of his throat. He moaned with the contact, a deep sound that reverberated in the quiet room. I lapped my tongue into the dip of his collarbone as I wrapped my fingers into his hair drawing him closer. "Why are you teasing me?" he hissed. Because I can. But who said anything about teasing? was what SHE clenched in response.

"I would think after all these years you would recognise a woman seducing you," I breathed against his skin, kissing his chest and laving his nipples with some attention. He clenched his fingers in fists, torn between his need for me and his care for me. The big ridge in his jeans told me who would win this battle. No matter how much he might try to fight it....he wanted me, regardless of how I felt. And I was going to have him. I took a breath and dived back into his body, lapping him up like a cat laps up cream. I breathed in his scent, and let it wash through me and around me. This was my man. My one and only man.

"Are you sure you are well enough for this," he asked, stroking my hair and forcing me to look up at him. "Mmmm," I breathed as I finally unbuckled his pants, silencing the rest of his protests by burying my head in his groin. He arched slowly against me, and his scent filled my nostrils, urging me to tease him with sultry looks and touches. I noticed the second he gave in, the change in his demeanour was so drastic. With a satisfied gleam, I pushed him back, deftly taking his pants and boxers off. It was on.

His cock sprang into my hands and I smiled. Lordy how I've missed this. I ran my hand down the length of it, admiring his beauty, his power, his girth. A drop of precum formed at the tip and I licked it away slowly, throwing Danny a look that made him groan. I put his tip in my mouth and then withdrew, as if testing the waters. I repeated the motion, going down a little further this time, trailing my tongue against his member in a teasing swirl.

Danny didn't breath as he watched me as I worked my magic on his member with my mouth, taking him nice and slow, over and over again. I felt his body relax slowly with every single lick and suck I gave him, as if the very action transferred the energy outwards. I positioned myself just right, taking him deep, feeling him hit the back of my throat. The harsh sounds he expelled were enough to spur me on and my other hand cupped his balls, playing with them slowly. I sucked him for a while, enjoying the encounter just as much as he was, revelling in the power of his need for me, of his desire and of my passion.


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