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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

10 Month Anniversary

Danny arrived to pick me up on time today. He was looking very hot and sexy in his blue Versace shirt and pants. We kissed for several minutes and lavished compliments on each other. After that we zipped to the car and had fun jamming to Jay-Z's Blueprint album all the way to the restaurant. The mood was pleasant, the conversation stimulating and the company exhilirating.

We ended up at Olive Garden, site of our very 2nd date (why I remember stuff like this, I don't know!) We also ended up being the really sweet couple that everyone gets irritated by. We had a 20 minute wait and spent it kissing and whispering in each other's ears.

Our waiter was nice, his name was Danny too! We ordered our favorites, shared a pitcher of sangria and I told Danny to get as drunk as possible so I could have my way with him later! We ended up taking about half the sangria home because I didn't want to get a DUI. We even shared cheesecake and had this conversation about how great it would be to serve cheesecake as our wedding cake. "That's our cake," he stated to which I agreed.

The later the evening got, the more amorous I became. I slipped my heels off and plopped one leg in his lap, massaging his thigh while I showed him the finer aspects of using a straw to drink sangria. I could tell that he was getting very, very aroused and this just incited me further. Minutes later, Danny had gotten our check and we were outta there.

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