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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


After we talked for close to an hour, I finally let Danny doze off in slumber. For some reason however, I couldn't fall asleep. I ended up fiddling with the TV and channel surfing in boredom. Danny was fast asleep, so neither the lights/tv disturbed him. After about 30 minutes, I turned the lights off. That was what made him stir. He woke up groggy then lifted his arm and patted by butt, murmuring something sweet in his slumber. How he can find my butt in the darkness is still beyond me!

He moved up to me about five minutes later, kissing my ass as well as my back and neck, then planting a wet, smooshy one on my lips. "I love you," he said as he fell back into the covers and fast asleep. That whole caress managed to inflame me. I could feel my pussy wet through my panties and I realised then that I wanted him...again.

I tried to ignore my horny nature but SHE would not be ignored. 20 minutes later, I finally crawled into bed beside Danny, deciding that sleep should take the edge off my ardor. As soon as I slid into bed he entwined himself with me, allowing me to rest my head on his arm as he wrapped the other hand around my waist and drew me close. After I was settled, he promptly fell back asleep. We were aligned so closely that we could have been one. I could feel his heat warming me, and my cold toes sought his. He sighed in my hair, one of those sighs of sleepy contentment and muttered how much he loved me again as he kissed the nape of my neck.

Ok, that was it! I couldn't take it anymore. I moved my hand through the bedcovers and instantly honed in on his pliant cock, restful in repose. I massaged it for a few minutes, playing with it until it started getting hard. Danny woke up mid-massage and smiled sleepily as me as I continued fondling him.

He realized my intent the moment my lips touched his member. I savored him slowly, taking my time, trying to soothe the heat that was in my veins with some cock love. I gave him nice, long licks, taking him all the way down, just like he liked. He started getting harder and harder and this just increased my lazy licks and sucks. Even though he had just cum about an hour ago, I decided to suck his cock until he did again. He played along, as if sensing my intent and started rubbing my bum, sticking his fingers into my warm pussy.

I slowly and softly licked him for a while, and watched him get harder and harder with my ministrations. He kept playing with me until I was as hot as he was. "I want you again," SHE demanded. Danny just sent me a smile, knowing that his purpose had been achieved. My pussy was already wet and throbbing and without a moment's hesitation I got on top of him and started to ride.

I was instantly engulfed with flames of passion. There's something about riding him cowgirl that totally gets me every time. His cock was hitting my g-spot with every stroke and he placed his hands on my hips, propelling me forward harder and deeper. My breasts started shaking as I rode him and he watched me, a mercurial gleam in his eye. I leaned forward and kissed him and he stroked my tongue with his just the way he was stroking my pussy. My first orgasm hit right then and I arched back, almost stopping at the suddenness and intensity of my orgasm. He kept me moving, driving me into him fiercely, increasing my passion and helping me ride my orgasm to its peak. Simultaneously another one started and I was caught up in it, my pussy walls clenching around him tightly.

He kept thrusting me and bucking under me, propelling faster and faster, each thrust deeper and more furious than the last. Moments later he was lifting me up and pushing me back down on his cock and I felt like I was flying through the air. He was like a wild bronco and I held on to him, enjoying the ride as orgasms kept crashing through me. He gripped me tightly with those strong arms and I kept the motion as he defied gravity and kept throwing me in the air. It was fuckin' fantastic.

When I visualized that I couldn't take anymore right then, he lifted himself up and sat on the bed, still embedded deeply in my uterus. We rocked together then, looking deeply into each others eyes and he slowly cooled my fires before I imploded. With the constant motion, he was still hitting my three spots and I caught 2 more orgasms.

Danny lifted me off the bed and sat me on his lap in the chair. My back was to him now and he started kissing it, driving me to distraction with his searing kisses as I caught my rhythm and started riding him again. My pussy was on fire, burning with this overwhelming sensation of ecstasy. I couldn't even talk anymore, just mindlessly plunge into him, wetting him with my brimming juices.

Of course moments later this naturally transitioned to doggy style and he fucked me slowly, watching us both in the large mirror by the bed. I arched my back, stuck my butt out and fucked him, tightening my walls around him in a hot vise. My man, with a stamina that knows no bounds kept at it over and over past an hour. Until I was a writhing, screaming, over sensitized erotic mess. I had to actually pull myself off him and lie in a fetal position dead center of the bed, begging him not to touch me anymore.

He complied without a word, grasping his cock in his hand. I watched him in awe, loving the sight of seeing him finish off. I licked my lips, just tasting his essence in memory and he rewarded me with a few quick licks as he picked up the rhythm. He cocked his head and stared longingly at my ass and I jiggled it for him playfully, knowing exactly what he was thinking. "Are you sure you want me to cum?" he asked, still holding himself in check.

I emphatically told him yes, acknowledging that if he tried to fuck me one more time tonight I would have to kick him. "Cum for me Danny," I intoned, licking his balls, enticing him with my body and directing him to spill his juices all over my bum. Moments later he complied in long bursts of ecstasy.

I leaned back on my heels, feeling accomplished as if I had actually done something. He collapsed beside me, kissing me tenderly and or course--praising my skillz.

Moments later we both managed to help each other to a refreshing shower and tumble into bed, a mass of pleasured limbs that could do naught but hold each other tenderly as we fell into blissful sleep.

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