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Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Secret

He continued his caress, moving further down my body, pushing my clothes aside easily as if they were just gauzy bits of paper. His eyes gleamed in the lamplight as he gazed at my matching underwear. "Pink," he muttered as he played with the lacy thong. I stood up slowly, taking my jeans fully off, bending extra so he could see the new sexy underwear I had just purchased that day. The pink strap had disappeared in the crevices of my generous butt and I saw from the look in his eye that he wanted to follow every bit of pink his eyes could see. I posed for him as he snapped several pictures on his cell phone--for posterity sake, no doubt.

I came back to the bed and started to lavish kisses on him, savoring the inches of skin on him that I knew were mine and mine alone. "I love everything about you," I said as I gazed at him, his golden skin gleaming. "Your ears, your nose, your armpits---even your feet are so sexy," I told him as I kissed each part in my repertoire. I caressed his cock, loving the way it rose to attention at my grasp. I felt like such a seductress in my new lingerie, like a sexy Victoria's secret model.

He lay me back, taking the reins once again from my control. He kissed my nipples slowly, daring them to pucker tightly. My breasts felt heavy and I tossed restlessly under him, wanting to feel him inside me right this very moment. He cocked his head, savoring my discomfort and trailed kisses down my stomach, my thighs and settled in the apex of my legs.

Danny breathed a warm gush of air on me and I froze, enthralled by his magic. He gazed at me with his hazel eyes, keeping the eye contact as he fingered my pussy. SHE throbbed under his administrations, jumped at his touch and he continued, smiling at me, knowing how to touch me and where.

Heat suffused me, the pre-orgasmic heat and I forced my fingers to relax against the sheets. He was dictating the pace and for some reason he was long and drawn out about it. He pushed my thong aside slowly, taking it off enticingly, trailing warm, wet kisses down my legs. "I am so getting you back for this," I promised even though I was enjoying every moment of it. He returned to the core of my womanhood, and I could tell from his gaze that he was done with games at last.

The first second he touched his lips to my pussy I whimpered. His touch was sublime, just a wet, light butterfly kiss, stroking the embers slowly and causing them to rise. He continued then, licking me with slow caresses, flicking his tongue to and fro. My legs parted further of their own accord and SHE welcomed every single caress. He ate me out like he was at a banquet, putting his whole face into it. His warm gaze melted me and his hand sought out one breast, then the other, keeping the heat trapped inside my body.

I moaned slowly, savoring each contact, unwilling to let this bliss stop. If I could have one wish, it would be that I could have this moment over and over again, one continuous trip of dizzying exulation and ecstasy. His tongue and lips worked magic and he built the fires, kissing me down there over and over, finding the spots on my outer and inner lips with his lips, the spots that drove me wild, that had me moaning and thrashing, that had me spilling all my juices over his face. I couldn't hold back any longer and gave in to the pleasure that seized me, rolling through me in waves of ecstasy. I could feel cum squirting out of my pussy, dripping down my butt.

My breath was coming in short, panting gasps and still he continued, baiting me further and further, eating my pussy like there was no tomorrow. I came for him again, coating his face further with all my juices, to the point that he had to get up and wipe his face with a towel. And still he continued. After my third orgasm, I begged for him to stop. "It's lonely this way...I need you in me," I demanded, grabbing his shoulders and drawing him close.

He needed no other invitation. He plunged into me with one powerful thrust, taking me instantly to a new level. My pussy throbbed in ecstasy and I clutched his shoulders, burying my face in his neck as I felt another wave roll over me. "I love this. I love you," I whispered slowly. He smiled and kissed me, holding my gaze but not saying a word. He started slowly then, lancing me with his cock, searing me for all time. Each time he withdrew was delightful, and each thrust back into me was so excruciatingly beautiful that I lost all sense of time and space. All I could think of was having him in me like that again and again.

SHE welcomed him, adjusting flawlessly around his big cock, welcoming every single inch of him. His balls slammed against me and still he pounded on, bringing me to peak over and over again. Around my sixth, SHE clenched around him tightly, determined in showing him that she could give him pleasure as well. I felt him slow down, knowing that any movements would drive him over the brink. "Don't you dare," he hissed, reading my mind. I smiled and thrust against him, over and over again purposefully clenching around him tighter.

The beads of sweat on his forehead showed me the immense concentration he was using not to cum despite my best attempts. With a laugh, he lifted my legs and drove further into me, showing me who was in charge of this show. I smiled as I tightened my arms around him, digging my fingers involuntarily into him, marking him as my next orgasm came over me. He gave no quarter, fucking me royally, over and over again, until all I could think about was taking my next breath, anything to prolong this wonderful enthralling moment.

"I want it from the back," he stated simply when I was finally able to hear him. I rose up and added a new twist, getting on top of him and riding him in reverse. He could see my ass, bouncing up and down in beautiful rhythm with my boobs and I cupped his balls with one hand as if using a gear shift. He groaned loudly, leaning back and watching me. I jiggled more, on purpose as I rode him seamlessly, sliding his cock in and out of my pussy with relentless energy. I turned around and looked at him, licking my lips sensually, sticking my tongue out and if to dare him. For some reason, the fact that he was resisting into giving in to his orgasm only made me want to have him reach it harder.

He smacked my ass then and this only spurred me faster. I was claiming him here and now, and SHE held him in a vise, stroking his cock with every move I made. I was so caught up in the rhythm of my motions that I didn't anticipate his coming. He came with such a ferocious gush of essence inside me, coating my walls effortlessly, causing streams of fluid to intermingle at the spot where we were conjoined. I continued riding him, slower this time and more gently and allowed his orgasm to fully ease, and he shivered as he felt each motion I made 10 times more. Finally, with a smile I slid out of him, laying on his chest and kissing it.

"You totally got me," he said between deep breaths as he floated back to find himself in my arms.

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