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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Rising Embers

Danny came over last night and headed straight to my room. We talked for a bit, he was excited with the success he had had with the studio and his job over the last few days. For some reason, he hadn't gotten any of the last 5 encounters I emailed to him, even though I sent them twice. I'm sure you can surmise the reasons why. Damn Roxie.

"Forget her. I'm here with Let me be with you, just you," he stated as he trailed kisses along my shoulder, my neck and my face. I turned him to me and kissed him full on the mouth, savoring the warm caress of his tongue against mine. I've gotta say, he really does know how to kiss a girl and leave her breathless.

We kissed for several minutes, taking our time, enjoying the fact that after days of not seeing each other we were together again. He balanced his weight on his biceps and I clung to his arms, drawing him closer as my body lifted of it own accord to blend fully with his. I could feel his erection, pulsing slowly between us, reminding me of the heat in my pussy.


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