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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Phantom Lover

My dreams were in color for once, vivid portrayals of my over-active imagination. I burrowed under the covers, seeking solace for the deep yearning that was searing my pussy. Kisses trailed down my back, leaving whips of coiled passion in its wake. The heat grew fiercer, making me trail my fingers to my pussy, seeking to alleviate this desire. For once I hadn't worn any panties to bed and this made my destination quicker.

Fingers had already made it there before me. Fingers of an ephemeral vision, a phantom, one that was goading me to accept this passion that was being fed to me. Another set of fingers entwined themselves in my breasts, tugging at my nipples, leaving them peaked and yearning for more. I twisted listlessly in the sheets, knowing that I was dreaming---and yet, wishing that it wasn't a dream. For once I would like to be awakened with fiery kisses, heat already pooling in my depths, passion already claiming my soul. For once I would like to have an orgasm in my dreams, a real orgasm in my sleep, where I would awaken with soaked panties and no idea why.

I sigh and bury my head in my pillow, chasing the dreams before they disappeared into the illusions of my mind.

Hands gripped my ass, tightened around the warm globules. I enjoyed the caress, glad that my phantom dream had not abandoned me. My hands tightened in the sheets, anything to hold on to this state. Anything to get my passion satiated. I refused to wake up, knowing that once I would awake my bed would be empty, with a fleeting scent a reminder of where my lover should have been.

A hard, unyielding lance prodded me slowly from the back. It paused at the entryway of my folds, as if seeking admittance. I could feel the wet warmth of my pussy already opening up in welcome. Yes...yes, come in, SHE said. The hard member slowly entered, withdrawing every few inches, drawing out the anticipation. I knew what it was, how it would feel and could feel my walls clenching together in expectancy.

There was some thrill with the invasion, as it started navigating the slick folds of my pussy and then moments later it was in, burning and throbbing in me as I knew it would. With slow, deliberate strokes, it played with her, teasing HER, making her yearn for more. I could feel hands on my ass, pulling the cheeks apart and making way for this heat. It was delightful and I couldn't help but sigh, relishing the contact, knowing that in a few moments I would have my first dream orgasm. Nothing could spoil this moment----nothing.

Suddenly the tender ministrations stopped. I clenched my fingers in fury, annoyed that I had been denied what I was seeking. Hands glided over my body and turned me around. It was that moment---when his body covered mine that I realised that it was HIM. It hadn't been a dream. He was making love to me in my sleep.

Moments later he thrust fully into me, cranking my knees up on his chest. I struggled to open my eyes then, still groggy with slumber and my fingers sought contact with his broad, hard chest. The muscles played under my fingers with his movement he made and I smiled in the darkness. This was my lover. My dream lover. My best lover.

He plunged in me again, done with the gentle touch of his earlier leanings. There was a more ferocious edge to his lovemaking now as he tried to claim me and make me his. However SHE would not be claimed. With each thrust, SHE clenched tightly around him like a fist, showing him who was truly in charge of the moment. You will bow down to me. You will let me be your master. You will obey me, she decreed with each pulsation.

He resisted the onslaught of her dominance, resisted it with the fierce male pride of every virile man. He plunged deeper, slower and with more passion, each touch, kiss and throbbing contact designed to make her yield to him. He wrapped my legs around his neck, driving himself in me with such force and fervid lust, seeking my acknowledgement of his control---of his discipline, of his masterfulness. My hands groped over him, seeking to turn this into a fiery inferno but he grabbed them, trapping them beneath his tight grip. Each thrust hit my g-spot perfectly and with less than a dozen strokes, he had me clenching him tightly. He caught my orgasm with a kiss, taking my screams into his mouth, muffling my desire from the voyeurs.

He kept at it, driving himself faster and deeper, claiming every single inch of my pussy like it was his, like he owned it. Another orgasm rolled over me and my back arched as I buried my face in his neck, inhaling his scent and trying to be quiet. The whole moment had me almost overwhelmed.

SHE was done playing games with him however. SHE clenched around him tightly, using her Kegels to hold on to his cock, demanding and squeezing him until he couldn't think of anything else but giving her what she sought. With a deep groan he shivered, caught up in his own orgasm, filling me with his essence, deep into my womb, into my core.

SHE kept him in her, sending quavers through him with each voluntary spasm that she made, further sealing her point. SHE was the Queen. SHE ruled in the boudoir. Not me, not him. SHE did.

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