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Monday, September 25, 2006

Seven Days

My suitcases had barely hit the floor when SHE was all over you, quivering with anticipation. With trembling fingers I unbuckled your belt and smiled eagerly as your cock leaped into my waiting hands. My licks were slow and anticipatory, purposefully building the heat that had been searing between us for the last two hours stuck with company and friends.

"I missed you," I whispered to your cock, lavishing it with kisses and affection. You smiled, instinctively knowing that I was talking to both of you, and yet allowing me to worship all of you. I kissed and sucked you with such diligence, almost engulfing you totally in my lips and mouth. The first drops of your essence gave me more fervor and I couldn't stop, wouldn't stop loving you, even when you groaned deeply and tried to push me away.

It's been seven days. Seven days too long. Seven days without my lover. Seven days with HER pulsing angrily at me in vexation. Seven days spent away from you, with nothing but your voice over the phone to kindle my warm fires, as I languished away from your smell, from your touch.
You kiss me slowly, as if the kisses we had had in the car weren't enough, as if you couldn't get enough of me, as if you were as deprived as I was. Our clothes shed themselves and neither of us could rest until we were skin to skin, heartbeat to heartbeat. Your long, lean length pressed above me and I cradled you closer, enjoying every miniscule, infinitesimal contact. With a deep breath I inhaled your warm, masculine scent, one that I had dreamed of all those nights spent without you.

I could feel your breathe on my hair, on the nape of my neck, as if you were doing the same thing that I was. And then, your lips were there, following where your air had touched, burning me and turning me into a quivering mass of desire. My hands scoured over your body, tracing muscles in eager anticipation. Your cock found HER without needing guidance from either of us, like a compass to the north point, and you penetrated through my slick folds with such ease that it took my breathe away.

The first stroke almost made me dizzy with exhilaration. Time stood still. My heart caught in my throat and tears sprung to my eyes. It felt so right. So perfect. You felt it too, just looked at me with that intent obsidian gaze, savoring the moment that couldn't be fully captured into words.

Then SHE took control, quivering around you tightly, welcoming you after such a long absence. Each stroke was pleasure filled and my first orgasm rolled over me, followed closely by the second. I saw you shiver and draw back slowly, and smiled, knowing that you were holding back for my sake and loving you all the more for it.

You raised my legs up higher, impaling me with your hard, long length and I couldn't think anymore. All I could do was just feel, just be, just embrace the waves of pleasure that kept coursing over me over and over again. Three, four, five. I lost count as you gripped my hands down, burying yourself deeper and deeper into me, all the way to the hilt, filling me and surrounding me until I was once again complete. Until SHE was totally satiated, not able to do anything but sigh softly as you withdrew and entered me once last time, this time not holding back at all, but joining me in my bliss.

"Welcome home," you whispered as you cradled me closer.

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