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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Pent Up Desire

I'm going to see my lover today.
At last.

After 8 nights of longing, 8 days of wishing, 8 days of aching to have him in my arms. After reliving our last encounter in my mind over and over again in a vain attempt to savor the passion that has been denied me. After countless phonecalls, racking up minutes and dreaming passionately of him every night. Only to awaken in the morn with no sweet lover's caress, or gentle kisses. With nothing but the whispery remnants of a dream.

Once again, work and life has seperated us for far too long.
But today, this Tuesday I know that everything I waited for will come to fruition.
He's promised me tender loving, fierce fucking and amazing passion.
And he always delivers on his promises.....always.

The airport shall be our meeting point, and I plan to seduce him the moment I step off the plane. I'm wearing a dress designed to titillate and enchant him wildy with desire, with the knowledge that underneath it...I'm wearing nothing at all. SHE wants no encumberances tonight. Nothing in her way.

I know a few of the erotic fantasies we've talked about heatedly over the phone in hushed, sultry tones will finally be enacted. I know that I will be able to taste him and feel him and kiss him once again.

14 more hours....until I kiss my darling love.

I can hardly wait!

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