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Monday, October 02, 2006

Passionate Floorplay

It all started with a kiss. A single, gentle, questing kiss that completely stole my breath away. I knew with that kiss that SHE would immediately wake up, that SHE would strongly take over. My hands wrapped in his hair, drawing him closer and melding my body snuggly against his, trapping warmth, heat and energy between us. He fanned the flames with his tongue, questing gently into my mouth, frolicking and playing with mine as his hands trailed over my body.

His touch was warm and gentle, yet insistent and purposeful, increasing with every second the ardor of my desire. I sighed in his mouth, trying to expel the libidinous urges that were taking over my body. I wanted him already. The muted light from the candles around us cast shadows through the room, drawing in graphic detail on the walls that this was a room satiated and filled with love.

His eyes burned into mine, glowing like chocolate embers as his soft, full lips continued, kissing my neck and my nape, trailing butterfly soft kisses on my collarbone. With every single touch of his lips on my body, I instantly found pleasure. My fingers wrapped themselves deftly in his clothes, divesting them with alarming speed, shedding everything I could until he stood naked before me, a bronze sculpture cast to perfection. I reached for him, exploring with my hands the warm flesh that I had missed for so long.

As if reading my mind he flexed his muscles under my fingers, and I smiled, knowing that he was using every single weapon in his arsenal to leave me a quivering heap before him. "You are so beautiful," he said, gripping my derriere and drawing me close. He kissed me again and his cock throbbed against my groin, calling to HER, needing HER as much as SHE needed him.

He started kissing me again, relentless this time, casting a lyrical quality over my body. I burned for him, yearned for him, quivered for him, needed him with an intensity that I couldn't deny. "Please," I said, begging him for sweet release from this dizzying torture of spasmodic delight. "Now. I need you in me now," I begged again, drawing him closer.

I urged him across the room to the bed, but SHE was ready to have him here and now. We never made it to the bed. Against the wall he took me, entering me with one forceful thrust and SHE relished the contact, wrapping tightly around him and holding him in. Dayum! Was the only thought the flew through my mind as he started moving, thrusting deeper and deeper into me. Orgasms hit me, right on top of each other and my thighs started to shake, unable to bear up my weight. He lowered me to the floor, still deeply embedded in my womb and continued with his passionate assault.

I was in bliss, surrounded by the scent and feel of my lover, having him on top of me, feeling him inside me. Even though I was on the hard floor, I was so exhilarated that I felt like I was on a bed of rose petals. Two. Three. Four. Over and over again, I screamed out in the delight, gripping him tighter and urging him faster. He raised my hands over my head, gripping them firmly and just the fact that I couldn't touch him in any way further drove me over the edge. He raised my legs higher and higher, hitting all my wonder spots so effortlessly, until all I could do was give myself over to the pleasure.

Until finally, when he knew that I could withstand not a moment longer, he joined me in the seventh heaven of delight, shuddering above me like a fallen conqueror. I cradled him to my bosom, trailing soft kisses on his nape, keeping him still inside me, relishing the contact. "I love you," I whispered.

"Ti amo di piu," he replied, lost in the same moment that I was.

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